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Everton FC's store in its home city centre, Liverpool One, is named Everton Two; thus resulting in the full address of "Everton Two Liverpool One".

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When the Manchester United FC team died in the 1958 Munich Air Disaster, Liverpool FC - their most fierce rivals sent 5 of their players to the club for free

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  1. There is a Uruguayan football club named "Liverpool FC" as a tribute to the links between its home city of Montevideo and Liverpool

  2. About Jon-Paul Gilhooley, who was killed in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster trying to watch a match between Liverpool and Nottingham when he was 10. His 8 year old cousin at the time later went on to become captain of Liverpool FC, Steven Gerrard.

  3. The Grandfather of Liverpool FC Player Harry Wilson Won Around £125,000 after placing a £50 bet on his grandson eventually becoming an international footballer. Wilson was just 18 months old at the time.

  4. That, in 2006, a football fan had a dream that Liverpool FC's Xabi Alonso would score a goal from his own half that season, so he placed a £200 bet on it happening at 125-1. Alonso did so in the FA Cup 3rd round; the fan won £25,000.

  5. In 1985, Liverpool FC fans chased Juventus FC fans into a dead end zone of Heysel Stadium, which created a massive crush that killed 39 people and injured hundreds more. This resulted in a 5-year ban for English clubs from European competition and manslaughter convictions for 14 Liverpool fans.

  6. Liverpool FC's last european final kicked off at 21:45 and, given that it went to extra time and penalties, meant that goals were scored on two separate days in one match

  7. Liverpool FC sang 'You'll Never Walk Alone' before Celtic FC did

  8. Liverpool FC had a deal with Adidas to dress players in the final of the FA Cup in 1966 with Adidas gear. However, some were signed with Gola, and they painted the Adidas three-stripes on with a marker.

  9. A man with a Liverpool FC tattoo with the club motto "You'll Never Walk Alone" had his lower leg amputated after an injury in Afghanistan. The surgeon unknowingly cut the tattoo so it read "You'll Never Walk".

  10. Liverpool FC offered Italian football player Mario Balotelli a £1m-a-year bonus for not spitting on opponents

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