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Knowing he was the slowest competitor, Australian speed skater Steven Bradbury won gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics by cruising behind and simply avoiding group crashes in both the semi-final and final

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Before the FIFA World Cup 2014 Semi Final Match in which they lost 7-1 from Germany, Brazil hadn't lost a single match at a home stadium in competitive matches since 1975.

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  1. In 2010 Paul the Octopus, from a German aquarium in Oberhausen, correctly predicted every single World Cup match outcome for the German National Team that year. He received death threats when he accurately foresaw their semi-final loss.

  2. A drunk man placed a bet that Germany would beat Brazil 7-1 in the 2014 World Cup Semi-Finals, and won over 1 million euros.

  3. Natalie Portman is a published researcher in Psychology. Her first scientific paper was co-authored while still in high school. It was entered into the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search and made it all the way to the semi-finals.

  4. Busty Heart, a big bust model who crushes things with her breasts, got all “no” votes from the America’s Got Talent judges, but got all “yes” votes and made it to the semi-finals on the German version of the show

  5. Martin Fletcher, who survived the 1985 Bradford City Stadium fire that killed 56 fans, including four of his family. Four years later he attended the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough, and witnessed the horror as 96 fans lost their lives in a crush

  6. When Australian sprinter Arthur Postle lost the 1907 semi-final sprint at Kalgoorlie to J. Condon, he carried on running, hopping a fence, to a bookmaker to bet on Condon winning the final.

  7. The 1999 solar eclipse in the UK caused an extra 3 GW demand on the power grid. This was just 0.2 GW more than the surge after the 1990 World Cup semi-final against West Germany, when England lost on penalties.

  8. Daigo Umehara won Evolution's 2004 Street Fighter semi-finals in spectacular fashion, defeating his opponent with only a sliver of health remaining. He used Street Fighter's 'parry' technique to beat his opponent, who had full health at the time. This battle was dubbed 'EVO 2004 Moment #37'

  9. French defender Lilian Thuram scored only two international goals in his career, both of which came in one game – the 1998 World Cup semi-final where France won 2–1

  10. That, after finishing a race at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, sprinter Tom Druce didn't know if he'd qualified for the men's 400m semi-finals, and had to phone his mother (who had been watching the race on TV at home) to find out.

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Heart rate during the Tottenham vs Manchester United FA Cup Semi Final

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Pure drama in the CL semi finals between ajax and tottenham (#ajatot). Reflected on the emotional expressions used in tweets (sample).

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West Germany vs Poland semi final at the 1974 World Cup had a minutes silence during the game to mark the death of Argentina president Peron.

Australia's first winter Olympics medal was won by Steven Bradbury and that he won because, in the final, all three other competitors crashed out. He only got to the final because, in the semi final, the same thing happened. - source

The BBC got UEFA to delay the UEFA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Barcelona, so viewers could find out who shot Phil in Eastenders

On the day before the May 2019 Champions League Semi Final, Liverpool head coach Mr Jurgen Klopp was filmed perfoming a ritual with some witch doctors for luck. The very next day, Liverpool went on to overturn a historically huge 1st leg 3-0 deficit and proceeded to win in the FINAL as well - source

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Steven Bradbury won Australia's first ever winter Olympic gold medal not just because everyone else crashed in the short track skating final - but also because everyone crashed in his Semi Final and there was a disqualification in his Quarter Final.

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In January 2013, Eden Hazard, a Chelsea football player, was sent off for kicking a ball out from underneath a ball boy in the Football League Cup semi-final second leg game against Swansea City (Chelsea was losing 2-0 on aggregate in the 78th minute).

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Australian diver Matthew Mitcham set the highest scoring 10m platform dive on his 6th and final dive of the semi-finals. He then beat it on his 6th and final dive in the finals.

Real Madrid C.F. has a chance to become the first European football club with 7 consecutive semi-final appearances in the Champions League. At the moment they are tied with Barcelona with 6.

Sir George Thomas was twice British chess champion, 21-time All-England badminton champion and in 1911 he reached the quarter-finals of Wimbledon singles and semi-finals of Wimbledon men's doubles.

A Puppet called Dustin the Turkey represented Ireland in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest and made it to the Semi Final.

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The effect England making the semi-finals of the World Cup has had on YouTube

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Busty Heart, a model who crushes things with her extremely large breasts, received all “no” votes from America’s Got Talent’s judges, but made it to the semi-finals on the German version of the show

1956, soon after a huge Hungarian protest against Soviet occupation, an Olympic semi-final water polo match was played between them. In the match, Hungarian players yelled:”…dirty bastard. You come over and bomb our country”; a Russian player punched an opponent. Hungary went on to win the gold.

About Steven Bradbury , a short track speed skater who won a gold medal in 2002 winter olympic games because every opponent crashed with each other at last corner in both semi final and final. He also went through the quarterfinal due to the disqualification of another opponent

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