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Real Madrid's president didn't want to sign Ronaldinho, saying "He's so ugly that he'd sink you as a brand". Instead he signed Beckham, for he's handsome & marketable in Asia. Ronaldinho became Barcelona's star & got a standing ovation from Madrid fans for his performance in EL Clasico 2005.

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Portugese football star and Real Madrid front man Christiano Ronaldo refuses to get any tattoos on his body just so he can continue on donating blood.

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  1. In 1950, Ladislao Kubala signed for Barcelona after getting drunk on the way to join Real Madrid

  2. The Dallas Cowboys are tied for the second most valuable team in the world. They are tied with FC Barcelona for second place. The first is Real Madrid.

  3. Ciudad Real Airport was built in 2009 as an alternative gateway for Madrid, with 10 million passengers a year expected. However it was built in a deserted area 227 km (141 miles) from Madrid. The airport was abandoned in 2012 and sold at an auction for €10,000.

  4. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona do not have any owners, the clubs are run by their supporters.

  5. Real Madrid is richest football clubs in terms of revenue with annual turnover of $675 million and Total value of $3,440 million .

  6. The Green Bay Packers, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Athletic Bilbao are all fan-owned clubs.

  7. FIFA ranks Madrid as having the 20th century's most successful football (soccer in the U.S.) club. The team is Real Madrid FC.

  8. The football club Real Madrid was granted the title "Real" (royal in Spanish) by Alfonso XIII

  9. In 2013 Cristiano Ronaldo signed a deal with Real Madrid for $131 million.

  10. The Dallas Cowboys are listed as the most valuable sports team in the world in front of Real Madrid and Manchester United

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real madrid fact data chart about My heart rate during the Liverpool-Real Madrid Champions Lea
My heart rate during the Liverpool-Real Madrid Champions League Final

real madrid fact data chart about My heart rate during Real Madrid vs Juventus quarterfinal
My heart rate during Real Madrid vs Juventus quarterfinal

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In 2002 during a Real Madrid vs Barcelona match newly signed transfer to Real Madrid from Barcelona, Luis Figo had an pig's head thrown at him.

A museum In Madrid has wax sculptures made out of real human bodies in the 19th century, this one in particular, called “The Mother” is an astonishing piece of art both so beautiful yet really creepy and full of details. - source

Julio Iglesias (farther to Enrique) played for real Madrid castella in 1960-1964. Was also a singer and songwriter and so successful performing over 5k concerts, and was inducted to the Latin hall of fame for composers, for selling over 250m records worldwide in 14 languages. - source

Real Madrid faced their own reserve team in the final of the 1980 Copa Del Rey

Alfredo Di Stefano was owned by both Barcelona and Real Madrid simultaneously due to a confusion. As a result, both clubs had to share the player and he had to play for both clubs in different seasons before he fully moving to Real Madrid. - source

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Spain's had a baseball league since the 1940s and both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona used to field teams

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The 35th most expensive Soccer player of all time, 16 year old Vinicius Junior, has only made 11 appearances at senior club level. He cost Real Madrid $51 million.

Ronald Mcdonald led out Manchester United and Real Madrid players and even shook hands before the match.

About the Corinthian FC an English amateur football club who popularized football around the world, inspired Real Madrid to wear white, inspired the creation of the SC Corinthians Paulista, inflicted Manchester United's heaviest defeat: 11-3, and fielded the first black international footballer.

Romelu Lukaku plays FIFA with Real Madrid.

An Oregon lawyer was convicted of the 2004 Madrid Bombing because part of his fingerprint was a match for a fingerprint partial from the real perpetrator's finger. (1:31)

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Prediction real madrid vs as roma go to final champions 2018

Real Madrid has a soccer team for players that are 6 to 8 years old.

Real Madrid fined footballer Antonio Cassano for every gram of weight gain due to Cassano's poor eating habits.

Current European Champions Real Madrid have 81 bedrooms at their training facility and sleep for two hours during their days training

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Real Madrid C.F. has a chance to become the first European football club with 7 consecutive semi-final appearances in the Champions League. At the moment they are tied with Barcelona with 6.

FC Barcelona & Real Madrid's rivalry extends beyond football - their basketball teams have won spanish league a combined 50 out of 59 times (RM - 32, FCB - 18)

Christiano Ronaldo has a $1.51 BILLION buyout provision in his contract with Real Madrid

In 1980 Real Madrid played the Copa Del Rey Final against their own youth team.

The record attendance for a UEFA Cup/Champions League final occurred in 1960, when 127,000+ fans descended upon Hampden Park, Glasgow, to see Real Madrid play Eintracht Frankfurt. It almost never took place, due to accusations of drug use levelled against West Germany by Ferenc Puskas in 1954.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) became the first player in Sporting CP's history to play in the under-16, under-17, under-18, B team and first team in the same season (2002).

Cristiano Ronaldo, star footballer for Real Madrid, is named after Ronald Reagan, USA's 40th president. Credit to /u/Malsharif91.

You can officially study magic and illusion at the Real Centro Universitario María Cristina in Madrid and get an advanced degree

Cristiano Ronaldo's buyout clause at Real Madrid is a BILLION euros.

The 1980 Copa del Rey final was Real Madrid vs Real Madrid B

Real Madrid and Barcelona account for 56% of the revenue of Spanish socccer league, La Liga

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