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Gary Lineker played 567 games through 16 years of his football carrer and never received a yellow or red card

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One of Gary Lineker’s teachers wrote on his report card that he "concentrates too much on football" and that he would "never make a living at that". He went on to have a senior career which spanned 16 years and 567 competitive games, & scored a total of 330 goals.

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  1. The final school report of Gary Lineker - who went on to be a hugely successful football player - read: "He must devote less of his time to sport if he wants to be a success” and “you can’t make a living out of football”.

  2. Ex Tottenham and England footballer Gary Lineker pooed himself on the pitch at the 1990 world cup.

  3. In 1992 Gary Lineker missed a panenka penalty kick to equal Bobby Charlton's all time English goalscoring record, he never scored for England again.

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