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According to Taika Waititi, 80% of the dialogue in Thor: Ragnarok was improvised, in order to create a "very loose and collaborate mood" among the cast an attempt to replicate the tone and sensibility from his previous films.

On the day of his death, "Heath Ledger" was understandably the number 1 search on Google. Number 2 was "Keith Ledger".

A Teenage Hacker Figured Out How to Get Free Data on His Phone, simply by visiting any url containing "/speedtest"

The plants we know as "peppers" (chili, bell, etc.) are only called that because Christopher Columbus thought they tasted like black pepper when he first tried them in the Caribbean.

Garry Kasparov played versus the world at a game of chess online, where over 50,000 different people from more than 75 countries voted on the best move. Kasparov won when 51% of his enemies surrendered.

IKEA ran an ad last year encouraging women to pee on it. The ad doubled as a pregnancy test, and if the woman was pregnant, it would reveal a special discount price for cribs.

If Louisiana was its own country, it would have the highest incarceration rate in the world.

A nursing home in Sweden changed their employees' workdays from 8 to 6 hours per day and found it increased productivity and reduced staff turnover

During test times in Korea, they will lock the access to rooftops. This is because students have been known to realise they are failing whilst taking the test, stop, and leave to jump off the roof.

Nintendo Power stopped accepting the many Tetris highscores submitted by Steve Wozniak. So he reversed his name, and Evets Kainzow was printed.

A man revived 5 rivers and brought water back to 1000 villages in India using native water-preservation techniques

The founder of Little Caesars Pizza paid for Rosa Parks' rent so she could live in a safer area of Detroit from 1994 until her death.

Jay Leno lives off all the money he made from standup. He put all his money from The Tonight Show into savings and charities

Yawning is not contagious for children with autism due to their inattention to facial cues.

During a film sequence of Top Gun, an aircraft carrier captain changed the ships course and altered the lighting of a shot. Director tony Scott was told it would cost $25,000 to change its course. He quickly wrote a check, the course was reverted,and got 5 more minutes to get his shot.