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About the Finnish term "kalsarikänni" which translates to “drinking at home, alone, in your underwear”

The Honeyguide is an African bird that evolved alongside early humans and leads humans to honey

Louis Armstrong was a heavy marijuana smoker for much of his life and spent 9 days in jail in 1930 after being arrested for drug possession outside a club. He described marijuana as "a thousand times better than whiskey".

About Dennis Dickey, a US Border agent who, as part of a gender reveal party, shot at a box which was packed with explosives. When hit, it emitted a cloud of blue smoke, but also set fire to the surrounding bush, destroying almost 45,000 acres of land. Dickey was ordered to pay $8m restitution.

One of the world's biggest mysteries is a 19' granite monument sitting on one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, GA. The Georgia Guidestones are engraved in eight different languages and the first of ten guides or commandments etched in stone is: “1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000”

Alexander Turner, father of American poet Daisy Turner, was a slave who escaped from his Virginia plantation during the Civil War, joined the Union Army, and guided his regiment back to the plantation where he killed his former overseer

In 2007, Siberia experienced orange snow. This orange snow was ruled to most likely caused by a heavy sandstorm in neighboring Kazakhstan. Tests on the snow revealed numerous sand and clay dust particles and a high iron-content, which were blown into Russia in the upper stratosphere.

When he was a student at Trinity College, Lord Byron was so infuriated that pet dogs were banned that he acquired a tame bear. He argued that as bears weren’t specifically mentioned in their rules, there were no legal grounds for complaint. Lord Byron eventually won the argument.

Hagfish slime expands by 10,000 times in a fraction of a second, it is 100,000 times softer than Jell-O, and can fend off sharks

It is not coldest just before the dawn - it is coldest about an hour after dawn. The temperature only begins to increase once the incoming solar radiation overcomes the heat radiating away from earth.

When poisonous frogs are fed zoo diets they no longer become poisonous. The wide variety of food in the wild supplies them with the chemicals for making poison.

About “Latchkey Incontinence” - a phenomenon where the urge to urinate gets stronger the closer you are to a bathroom. One example would be when you put your key in your front door when returning home from work.

In 2014 a potential new state of matter called "disordered hyperuniformity" was discovered in the eye of a chicken.

Architecture undergraduate Maya Lin's design of the Vietnam Memorial only earned a B in her class at Yale. Competition officials came to her dorm room in May 1981 and informed the 21-year-old that she had won the design and the $20,000 first prize.

The tomb China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, has not been explored partly because it is buried deep underground and surrounded by a moat of poisonous mercury