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Some are funny facts and some will make you say WTF. But being inconvenient and not useless, all those facts will enrich your knowledge base and help you pass through.

NASA recovered metal from the World Trade Center and used it on Martian rovers as a tribute to those fallen on the 9/11 attacks

The Python programming language was named after Monty Python, not the animal.

The blue whale is not only the largest animal currently on the planet, but the largest animal to have ever existed

An inmate was forcibly tattooed across his forehead with the words "Katie's revenge" by another inmate after they found out he was serving time for molesting and murdering a 10 year old girl named Katie

Theodore Roosevelt was the first U.S. President to fly in a plane - and he nearly fell out. He described it as 'the bulliest experience of this life'

Because of a lucky genetic mutation happened in the 18th century, today 38 people in a small town in northern Italy don't suffer from cholesterol artery-clogging, making them virtually immune to heart disease and strokes. They all smoke, they eat like hell, and they don't care

Scotland Yard has a team of over 200 "Super Recognisers" who can remember 80% of faces they ever seen. The rest of us can do about 20%.

Rams' Coty Sensabaugh Got Married and Had Guests Make Donations of Shoes Instead of Gifts. Then They Spent Their Honeymoon In the Dominican Republic Handing Out The Shoes

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council etiquette guide advises that any condiments remaining on your fingers should be licked away with the exception of ketchup, which has no business being on your hot dog at all if you are over 18.

A Georgia Tech student was accidentally sent 2 enrollment forms, he filled out both, creating a fictional man named George P. Burdell. The student did work for George and George graduated with a mechanical engineering degree.

Led Zeppelin drummer Jon Bonham was told by a sound engineer that he was 'unrecordable' and 'too loud.' Bonham later sent him a gold certificate of Zeppelin I with a note saying 'thanks for the advice'.

The stated sunscreen SPF values are correct only if 2 μL of sunscreen is applied per square cm of exposed skin. This translates into about 28 mL (1 oz) to cover the whole body of an adult male, which is much more than many people use in practice.

Edith Head, Academy Award-Winning Disney Costume Designer, whom “The Incredibles” character Edna Mode is based off of

There are only 16 % religious people in Czech republic making them the most atheist country in Europe.

In WW2 nine airmen escaped from their planes after being shot down during bombing raids. 8 of these men were captured, tortured, beheaded and eaten. The 9th man was George H. W. Bush