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Some are funny facts and some will make you say WTF. But being inconvenient and not useless, all those facts will enrich your knowledge base and help you pass through.

The rate of world population growth is now decreasing.

God Bless America was written by a Russian immigrant. This Russian immigrant was Irving Berlin.

In 1924, 14 bison were brought to an island off the coast of California for the filming of a movie, though the scenes with the bison did not make it into the final cut. Due to cost overruns, the film company decided to leave the bison on the island and now 150 of them live on the island.

The slow-motion footage of the forest chase scene in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was produced by one of the Slow Mo Guys

Walmart makes over $13 billion in sales from food stamps, but because of its employees' low wages, also likely has the most employees currently receiving food stamps.

The lamp in an IMAX projector is so bright that if it were on the moon we could see it from earth with the naked eye.

Ferret means "little thief" and a group of them is called a "business". Also, if excited, they perform a behavior called the "weasel war dance".

Kentucky counties that banned alcohol now have twice as much meth use

In 2008, Prince covered Radiohead's "Creep" at Coachella. Someone uploaded a mobile video of it to Youtube. Prince quickly made Youtube remove it. After finding out about the blocking, Radiohead's lead singer Thom Yorke said "Well, tell him to unblock it. It's our song."

Gordon Ramsay once lost to a prison cook in an onion cutting competition. Ramsay offered him a job at one of his restaurants upon his release.

Iraq used to have one of the worlds largest marshes until Saddam drained them into a desert

From having lived and worked in China, President Herbert Hoover and his wife were fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and would frequently have conversations in the language to prevent their staff from eavesdropping.

There are large shipwrecks buried deep under the cornfields of Kansas.

Animal life in Chernobyl is thriving, not because the radiation is gone, there’s still a lot of it, but because there’s barely any humans living in that area.

Nike had conditions before giving rookie Michael Jordan a record contract: Either be rookie of the year, or average 20 ppg, or be an all star, or sell $4 mill worth shoes in a year. Jordan was rookie of the year, scored 28.2 ppg, named all star, and Nike sold $100 mill of shoes in 1984-85.