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According to the creator, a bikini can only be considered genuine if "it can be pulled through a wedding ring"

Within days of the announcement that Route 666 was to renamed Route 491, "Virtually every US 666 sign had been stolen, some for sale on eBay."

Thomas Paine narrowly avoided the guillotine due to a severe fever. When a man came to chalk an X in the cell's door to mark the prisoner, the man marked the inside of the door since it was open to aid Paine's fever. When the door was later closed, no mark could be seen outside the cell.

Japan's oldest elephant died this year after 60 years alone in an enclosure devoid of grass, trees, or other elephants.

There was a Japanese man who survived 24 days of cold weather by inadvertently falling into a state of hibernation. When he was found, his temperature had dropped to 71°F.

There was a time millions of years ago when trees would die but not decompose. Forests would become massive areas of dead wood. These would catch fire and created staggeringly large fires. Much of the coal we consume today formed as a result of this period.

That, since the Great Potato Famine in 1845 Ireland, the population STILL hasn't recovered

After being fatally shot in 1996, Tupac Shakur’s last and only words to assisting police were “fuck you”. He refused to say anything else.

Tabloid The Sun isn't sold in Liverpool - a boycott going back to 30 years after they published a heinous lie about a local tragedy. Even Tesco won't carry it.

Legendary producer Rick Rubin held an actual funeral complete with casket and grave for the word "Def" after finding out it had been accepted into the standardized dictionary. Amongst those who attended in 1993 included Tom Petty, Flea, and Trent Reznor.

Tokyo has its own superhero. He’s Mangetsu-Man, a self-made hero who’s taken up the responsibility of keeping the city clean. He wears a “full moon” head, purple bodysuit, oversized UGG boots with matching gloves, and uses a voice dictation app to hide his voice.

A teenager from Connecticut completed her bucket list right before she was hit by a car. She had one goal left: save a life and before the car hit her she pushed her friend to get him out of the way.

Baggins Syndrome The mix of nostalgic longing for a home that no longer exists the way you remember, combined with the fact that seeing the world changes your perspective of the world.

The Colombian army once made a song with Morse code in it and aired it in rebel-controlled territory to lift the morale of hostages held there. The message read '19 rescued, you're next. Don't lose hope.'

There are a class of people in Japan referred to as Cyber Homeless who live at cyber cafes because they are a cheaper alternative than an apartment. The cafes offer free showers and sell underwear.