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The film Schindler's List was banned in Indonesia because it is a "Film that is sympathetic to the Jewish cause

The FBI tried to blackmail MLK into committing suicide.

The concept of the "rap battle" has existed since the 5th century, where poets would engage in "flyting," a spoken word event where poets would insult one another in verse. The Norse god Loki is noted as having insulted other gods in verse.

Guy Fawkes wasn't executed, he died by breaking his neck falling from the platform built to hang him

Singer Fergie became horribly addicted to Crystal Meth in the early 2000's

Neil Armstrong took souvenirs to the Moon. Specifically, he carried cloth and pieces of propeller from the original Wright Flyer, which Wilbur and Orville flew at Kitty Hawk. Armstrong specifically requested to take the items, and they were counted as his personal belongings.

California does not having gerrymandering problems because of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, an independent organization that determines district boundaries without favoring a particular party or group

Most malaria nets are used exactly as intended, and charities that distribute them save lives much more cost-effectively than others that address issues like other diseases or hunger

NASA wants to establish a floating cloud city to study Venus. The innovative concept involves helium-filled, solar-powered airships, which could contribute to humans permanently occupying the atmosphere of the hottest planet in our solar system.

Victorian maid Kate Webster chopped up her mistresses, boiled her and then assumed her identity. Meanwhile, the skull of her boss wasn't found with the other body parts and was discovered in the garden of English naturalist David Attenborough 130 years later.

During the a battle in 1797, British Admiral Horatio Nelson was badly wounded in the right arm. When he came to the surgeon he said, "the sooner it is off the better," within a half hour of the amputation he returned to command of his forces.

Ikea's founder, the late billionare Ingvar Kamprad, was incredibly frugal: He disciplines his employees for not using both sides of the paper. He was once turned away from Businessman Of The Year Award for arriving by bus, and assembled all his furniture himself.

The second American in space had hayfever and was almost disqualified from astronaut training, until NASA realised the absence of pollen in space

King Leupold II of Belgium was responsible for the genocide of 10 million Congolese in the late 1800's

In 1966 in response to an attempt to ban *To Kill a Mockingbird*, Author Harper Lee wrote a scathing response letter to the Hanover County School Board, including a donation with her hopes that it be used to "enroll the (board) in any first grade of its choice".