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Leicester City Council in England was forced to admit that it was 'not ready' for a zombie invasion by a concerned citizen.

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The English Premier League is the tip of a massive pyramid with 500+ leagues and 7,000+ teams, each of whom can theoretically earn their way into the EPL and win the title. Leicester City was part of the third-tier league five years ago.

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  1. In 1976 Chris Nicholl Scored All Four Goals In Aston Villa’s 2-2 Draw With Leicester City.

  2. In 1972 the Leicester City Council launched a campaign trying to dissuade Asians expelled from Uganda from settling in Leicester. Instead, the campaign served to make people aware of the possibility and within a few years more than 10 000 Ugandan Asians had relocated there.

  3. Leicester City become bookmakers' favorite to win the Premier League after beating Manchester City

  4. Three players of current champions Leicester City were fired after footage surfaced of them having "a racist orgy" in Thailand in 2015.

  5. Bloomberg editor John Micklethwait bet yearly 20 pounds that Leicester City would win Premier League. Didn't bet the year Leicester City actually won, missing out on 5,000-1 odds

  6. In 1972, the British city of Leicester launched an advert campaign to dissuade Ugandan Asian migrants from settling in the city. The adverts had the unintended effect of instead making migrants more aware of the possibility of settling in Leicester. By the end of the decade, 1000s had settled.

  7. Soccer player of Leicester City, Jamie Vardy had to be subbed after 1st half due to electronic tag and beating curfew

  8. While 47 clubs have competed since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, only six have won the title: Manchester United (13), Chelsea (4), Arsenal (3), Manchester City (2), Blackburn Rovers (1) and Leicester City (1).

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