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A Liverpool fan killed himself when his team were 3-0 down in the 2006 Champions League final; they came back to win the game.

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Joe Garagiola, catcher of the 1945 World Series Champions St. Louis Cardinals. On growing up in the same St. Louis neighborhood as Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra, he saidNot only was I not the best catcher in the major leagues, I wasn’t even the best catcher on my street.”

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  1. UEFA has a rule saying a Russian and Ukrainian team can not be drawn to meet in The Champions League

  2. German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, while playing for Bayern Munich, walked up to Santiago Cañizares, the goalkeeper from Valencia, and tried to comfort him after Bayern won the 2001 UEFA Champions League Final through penalty shoot-out. For such act, he won the UEFA Fair Play Award.

  3. The European Football Cup (later the UEFA Champions League), was formed after a bunch of Europe's best teams lost to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

  4. 14 years ago, the Greek ferry Express Samina sunk because the crew left the controls to watch the replay of a goal in the Champions League game Hamburger SV - Panathinaikos. 82 people died.

  5. Before the 2009 Champions League Final, Pep Guardiola played the Barcelona team a film showing their best moments from the season interspersed with clips from the film Gladiator, and it left several players in tears. They went on to win the final 2-0.

  6. Xabi Alonsos first ever professional penalty was the one in the 2005 UEFA Champions League final

  7. There is a professional Rock Paper Scissors League that awards the champion a $50,000 cash prize.

  8. You earn more money (£95 million) in soccer/football for finishing last (20th) in the English Premier League than winning the Champions League (where the best teams from Europe compete) which is £46 million.

  9. The champion 1964 Cardinals had to reshoot their team photo after HoFer pitcher Bob Gibson and Major League's Bob Uecker slyly held hands in the front row.

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champions league fact data chart about Lionel Messi's efficiency: he runs fewer meters than any oth
Lionel Messi's efficiency: he runs fewer meters than any other forward in the Champions League

champions league fact data chart about My heart rate during the Liverpool-Real Madrid Champions Lea
My heart rate during the Liverpool-Real Madrid Champions League Final

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The champions league anthem uses the 3 official UEFA languages on its lyrics(English, French, and German)

There has been one Major League baseball player who committed suicide during a season, Willard Hershberger, the backup catcher on the 1940 champion Reds. - source

When Celtic FC won the European Cup (what is now the Champions League) in 1967, all but one of the 15 man squad were born within 10 miles of Celtic Park. - source

Iraqi club Al shorta refused to be the first Iraqi Team to Win the Asian Champions League because the opponent was Israeli

Chart of European Cup and UEFA Champions League winners. All winner trough whole histroy of competition - source

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On the day before the May 2019 Champions League Semi Final, Liverpool head coach Mr Jurgen Klopp was filmed perfoming a ritual with some witch doctors for luck. The very next day, Liverpool went on to overturn a historically huge 1st leg 3-0 deficit and proceeded to win in the FINAL as well

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Vicente del Bosque is the only football manager to have won the Champions League, the World Cup, and the European Championship

Roma VS Barcelona uefa champions league All Goals & Highlights FULL MATCH 10.04.2018

The UEFA Champions League's lyrics are in French, German and English

I learned that the champions league song actually has a song-text in different European languages.

The famous football Champions League anthem is taken from a classical choir piece - George Handel's Coronation Anthem No. 1 (Zadok the Priest).

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champions league fact infographic about Most Controversial Refereeing in the Champions League

Most Controversial Refereeing in the Champions League

champions league fact infographic about European soccer league champions are becoming more dominant

European soccer league champions are becoming more dominant

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Preston North End were the first English Football Champions, through The Football League in 1889, defended successfully a year later and never became champions of English football since then.

Real Madrid C.F. has a chance to become the first European football club with 7 consecutive semi-final appearances in the Champions League. At the moment they are tied with Barcelona with 6.

Barcelona FC's youth academy 'La Masia' is regarded as one of the best in the world. In 2010 all three finalists for the Ballon d'Or came from La Maisa; Messi, Xavi & Iniesta. In 2009 Barca won the Champions League with 8 La Maisa-players & in 2009 Spain won the World Cup with 7 La Masia-players

Jimmy Jump, who is famous for streaking major events such as UEFA euro cup, FIFA world cup final, Champions league final, Formula One events, French open final, Eurovision song contest and others.

In 2006 during the Champions League final, a Liverpool fan killed himself when his team trailed 3-0 during half-time. Liverpool went on to score three goals in the second half of the game and, after penalties, secured a historic fifth European Cup win.

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The Superbowl has lower ratings than the UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup

Paulo Ferreira is the only football player to won UEFA Cup and Champions league back to back twice and in both directions.

FC Barcelona has only won 5 European Cup ( Champions League) in total, the first one in 1992 (0-1) with a great goal in minute 112

UEFA Champions League Anthem is written in three languages: English, French and German

Patrick Warburton voiced 2 League of Legends champions.

Myles Lane was an Ivy League hockey star, the first American trained player in the NHL, an All-American and national champion for Dartmouth in football (led the nation in scoring), head football coach at Boston University, & a prominent lawyer who eventually joined the New York Supreme Court

The current champions of the Russian Premier League, CSKA Moscow, are owned by the Russian Ministry of Defence

The most popular annual sporting event in the world is not the Super Bowl. Instead, it is the final match of a soccer event called the "UEFA Champions League"

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