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Thanks to 3D printing, NASA can send plans for new tools and equipment to the Space Station over email. Instead of waiting months for gear, Astronauts can print new gear in hours.

Thanks to 3D printing, NASA can basically “email” tools to astronauts

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  1. A college student aligned his teeth successfully by 3D printing his own clear braces for less than $60; he'd built his own 3D home printer but fixed his teeth over months with 12 trays he made on his college's more precise 3D printer.

  2. A college student aligned his teeth successfully by 3D printing his own clear braces for less than $60; he'd built his own 3D home printer but fixed his teeth over months with 12 trays he made on his college's more precise 3D printer.

  3. 3D printing is a 30 year technology that has become popular these years only because the patents have expired or will expire soon.

  4. A tortoise injured in a forest fire got a prosthetic 3D-printed shell. A Brazilian artist hand-painted the shell to resemble the original

  5. A San Francisco biotech startup has managed to 3D print fake rhino horns that carry the same genetic fingerprint as the actual horn. The company will sell rhino horns at one-eighth of the price of the original, undercutting the price poachers can get and forcing them out

  6. A woman made a 3D print of her vagina and made a kayak. She was arrested for obscenity.

  7. In 2014 a Chinese company built 10 one-story homes in 24 hours using 3D printing technology. Each 2,100 square-foot building costs less than $5,000 to construct. The builder hopes the company's 3D-printing technology will one day be used to build skyscrapers.

  8. It's possible to find DNA on a cigarette butt in the street, sequence it, and 3D print a very accurate face from it.

  9. A tech company has helped over 10,000 dogs to run again using simple to fit 3D printed knee implants.

  10. 3D printed objects can be made to connect to WiFi without electronics

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3d printing fact data chart about I just got access to a 3D printer and printed a die. I rolle
I just got access to a 3D printer and printed a die. I rolled it 100 times to see if it was reasonably balanced. Wrote some simple python code to record the rolls and spit out this

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A Doctor in Australia 3D printed a mans vertebrae and successfully installed the components. Not only that but they were two highly-specialised vertebrae that are involved in the flexion and rotation of the cranium.

An Australian man was working as a hairdresser when he had the idea to make 3D printed prosthetic limbs from recycled shampoo and conditioner bottles. Working with 38 salons in Queensland, he is now testing the limbs with two children who had no access to practical and inexpensive prosthetics. - source

Dr. Anthony Atala out of Boston Children's Hospital successfully 3D bio-printed a bladder for a cancer patient and it is continually to function after over a decade. - source

There is a company that managed to create a machine that can 3D print real, edible food.

It’s possible to sequence DNA on gum and cigarette butts found in the street and 3D print a very accurate face from it. - source

There is an ongoing project to build a 40-story tall, 3D-printed globe big enough to feature every manmade and natural feature larger than 30 ft. on the surface of the model.

The 3D printed car can be produced in about 44 hours with carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic.

French schoolchildren use a 3D-printed clitoris to learn about female pleasure during sexual education

3D printing gave a dog born without front paws the ability to run again through the creation of specially designed prosthetics, thanks to a foster caregiver that worked at a 3D printer manufacturer.

In their latest film 'Kubo and the Two Strings' stop motion animation studio LAIKA used 3d printing for the Kubo character giving him 11,007 unique mouth expressions and 4,429 brow expressions, allowing for over 48 million possible facial expressions.

An Australian neurosurgeon has completed a world-first marathon surgery removing cancer-riddled vertebrae and successfully replacing them with a 3D-printed body part.

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A man in New Zealand 3D printed a replica Aston Martin body for his Nissan Skyline

Doctor Who villains 'The Boneless' were inspired by 3D printing glitches

Dr. Bon Verweij implanted the first full 3D-printed skull replacement in a young Dutch woman

In the 1992 episode "Ethics"-Star Trek TNG Introduced the "Genotronic Replicator" a device that could scan the DNA of a patient, then 3D print a new organ. This technology wouldn't be introduced until 1993, and is only now really practical with today's technology.

A bald eagle lost her beak after being shot in the face by hunters. Engineers designed her a 3D printed prosthetic.

A 3D company known as 'Touchable Memories' prints 3D objects from old photos so the blind can touch,feel and relive their memories

NASA created a prototype rocket engine with 75 percent 3D-printed parts, and it underwent a whole series of fire tests this past October passing with flying colors.

Blind people can 'see' their Unborn Baby thanks to 3D Printing

A 74 year Old Man Received a 3D Printed Silicone Mask to Recover Huge Opening In His Face-ish

A Hornbill named Jary at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore was fitted with a 3D-printed prosthetic casque (bill) after his natural casque had been destroyed by cancer. Jary's prosthetic casque returned to its natural yellow after he colored it using pigment from his yellow tail.

The prototype of the world's first 3D printed car took 44 hours to print and was shown in the Detroit auto show. The launch of the car is announced for next year.

Skin can be 3D printed to help wounds heal faster

The initial research for 3D Printing was abandoned because of a “for lack of business perspective"

A Japanese called "Yoshitomo Imura" created a 3D printed weapon, named "Zig zag revolver", and uploaded a video using it online. He was arrested for the video.

The most prolific inventor in the world is Kia Silverbrook with 4,665 issued U.S. utility patents as of March 26, 2014. Silverbrook has numerous inventions in the fields of digital paper, robotics, 3D printing, cryptography, and nanotechnology.

The Saudi Arabian government has signed a contract to 3D print 1.5 million homes over the next five years.

It's possible to create a 3D-printed plastic dress that flows like fabric.

A man had 75% of his skull replaced with a 3D printed 2013

Just like fingerprints, tongue prints are also unique to every human being, and has even been used by Chinese researchers to experiment with a 3D - tongue image database.

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