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During World War 2, Allied submarines would lie on beds of pistol shrimp. The snapping sound made by the shrimp was so loud, it stopped the submarines from being picked up on Japanese sonar.

how does the pistol shrimp stun its prey?

Aubrey Plaza plays on a successful women's basketball team called The Pistol Shrimps

What do pistol shrimp eat?

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what pistol shrimp eat?

  1. The pistol shrimp clicks its big claw in less than 1 millisecond to produce a bubble that generates pressure extreme enough to kill small fish. The temperature of this bubble can reach 4700 °C.

  2. The Pistol Shrimp, which is only 2 inches across, can generate a sound louder than a Saturn V rocket taking off by creating a "cavitation bubble" via snapping its pincers shut extremely quickly. The bubble is also momentarily almost as hot as the surface of the sun.

  3. The pistol shrimp kills its prey by shooting bubbles that are 8,000 degrees F, louder than a gun, and can disrupt sonar equipment.

  4. "shrimpoluminescense": the pistol shrimp quickly snaps a specialized claw, creating a cavitation bubble moving at 60 miles per hour, releasing a sound reaching 218 decibels and acoustic pressures of up to 80 kPa, strong enough to kill small fish, and even create a tiny flash of light

  5. About the Pistol Shrimp. Its claws can open and close so fast that it produces a water bubble(cavitation bubble)that vaporizes on implosion, reaching temperatures hotter than the sun.The implosion of the bubble is followed by a large sound.The shrimp uses this to stun or sometimes kill the prey.

  6. The pistol shrimp--who can snap its claws so loud that it stuns small fish and it's bubble creates a light almost as powerful as the sun (the bubble reaches temps of over 5,000 K (4,700 °C). In comparison, the surface temp of the sun is estimated to be around 5,800 K (5,500 °C).)

  7. Pistol Shrimps can fire bubbles as hot as the sun by snapping it's claw

  8. The Alpheidae Pistol Shrimp hunts by shooting tiny bubbles at 62 mph which then collapse, generating a flash of light, heat the temperature of the sun, and a shock wave that can stun or kill larger animals.

  9. The Pistol Shrimp shoots a bubble bullet at it's prey that's 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit and travels over 60 mph

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What gobies pair with pistol shrimp?

Why do pistol shrimp click?

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About the pistol shrimp that can create a blast as hot as the sun!

Pistol shrimp can shoot bubble jetstreams to stun their prey by using their pincers - source

I learned about the Pistol Shrimp, capable of stunning its prey with shockwaves. Nature is amazing.

The pistol shrimp, which can stun its prey by snapping its claw shut so fast it momentarily generates temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun - source

When a pistol shrimp defends the coral in which it lives?

The pistol shrimp can shut it's claw fast enough to essentially create plasma around it underwater.

How loud is a pistol shrimp?

The Pistol Shrimp uses it's claw like a sonic weapon to create a blast of bubbles that temporarily reaches the temperature of the Sun to kill its prey

The pistol shrimp generates temperatures similar to the surface of the sun when it snaps its claw

Pistol Shrimp, a type of shrimp that have claws that can create a sound so loud, it can stun and even kill other sea creatures

When do pistol shrimp eat?

The tiger pistol shrimp, which snaps its large pincer incredibly fast to make a "bubble bullet". The bullet can go up to 62 mph, and causes a shock wave able to stun or even kill prey.

The Pistol Shrimp can produce a 'Snapping' effect that competes with much larger animals such as the sperm whale and beluga whale for the title of loudest animal in the sea

Pistol Shrimp produce a snapping sound with their claws which is among the loudest sounds in the ocean.

The tiger pistol shrimp lives in burrows in symbiosis with certain goby species. The shrimp digs and maintains the burrow which is the den for both animals. The goby warns in case of potential danger because the shrimp has poor vision.

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