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German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, while playing for Bayern Munich, walked up to Santiago Cañizares, the goalkeeper from Valencia, and tried to comfort him after Bayern won the 2001 UEFA Champions League Final through penalty shoot-out. For such act, he won the UEFA Fair Play Award.

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In 2004 German football giant Borussia Dortmund was unable to pay the saleries of their players. A €2 million loan was the only thing that kept the club alive. The creditor; long time rival Bayern Munich.

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  1. Karl Power, a prankster who managed to position himself within a Manchester United team photo on the pitch of a game against Bayern Munich

  2. The Vatican City (pop. 900) has a national soccer team that consists of police officers, postal workers, government officials and members of the Swiss Guard, and it was once coached by Giovanni Trappatoni, the former head coach of Juventus, Bayern Munich, and Italy.

  3. World Cup winner and Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng's agent is the rapper Jay-Z

  4. Pep Guardiola, current manager of Bayern Munich, won 14 trophies in the first 4 years of his managing career

  5. Norwich City once beat Bayern Munich in the 1993-94 UEFA Cup

  6. Since joining the Bundesliga in 1965, Bayern Munich have only finished outside of the top 10 once - in 1977/78 when they finished 12th.

  7. Jimmy Rimmer is the only player to have won European Cup winners’ medals with two different English clubs he was on the Man United bench in 1968 and started for Aston Villa in 1982, however, he was forced off with injury and replaced by Nigel Spink against Bayern Munich.

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