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A Brazilian soccer referee was murdered and beheaded during a match after he stabbed and killed a player.

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Carlos “Kaiser” Raposo, a Brazilian “soccer player”, managed to con his way to a career that lasted 20 years despite never actually playing a game.

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  1. German soccer player Mesut Özil donated his 2014 World Cup winnings, an estimated £240,000, to pay for 23 sick Brazilian children to have medical surgery as a "personal thank you for the hospitality of the people of Brazil."

  2. Zézé, the first Brazilian soccer player in the Bundesliga, couldn't cope with the German winter and had himself diagnosed with a "snow allergy" to get his contract cancelled

  3. Leading up to the 1950 FIFA world cup, many people believed that Brazil would defeat Uruguay in the finals. When Brazil lost to Uruguay in the finals, many Brazilian newspapers refused to acknowledge the defeat. Many Brazilian soccer fans also committed suicide as a result of the defeat.

  4. Some Brazilian soccer fans beheaded a referee who stabbed and killed a player

  5. A Brazilian conman named Carlos Kaiser, who became the best football / soccer player in Brazil, without ever kicking a ball nor having any professional football experience.

  6. A 13-year-old Brazilian soccer player scored every goal of 23 in total, during a game that his team won 23-0.

  7. The practice of yelling "GOAAALLLLLL" during soccer matches began with Brazilian announcers in the 1940s. The intent was to inform viewers who had stepped away from their televisions that a goal had been scored.

  8. A Brazilian Soccer Referee was beheaded and his head place on a stake, after he fatally stabbed a player who refused to leave the field after being red carded.

  9. Brazilian soccer player Carlos Henrique Raposo "The Forrest Gump of Brazilian soccer", had a 20 year soccer career in different teams around the world without actually playing an entire game [Extra anecdote in comments]

  10. Silvio Berlusconi, ex-Prime Minister of Italy, got involved in sex scandals. He was accused of throwing a 'bunga bunga' party with several prostitutes. At least one of them was underage. They dressed up as nuns and Brazilian soccer player, Ronaldinho Gaucho.

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The surname Aran of Samus from the Metroid games series comes from the brazilian soccer player Edson Arantes, best known as Pelé

Carlos Kaiser—a Brazilian who managed a 20-year professional soccer career without really knowing how to play by using his fitness to convince coaches he could, faking injuries, befriending famous players, and carrying a fake cellphone around to pretend he was denying offers from other clubs. - source

Brazilian soccer club Santos FC cut their women's team in 2012 to pay the salary of Neymar. A year and a half later, Neymar was playing for FC Barcelona in Spain - source

A Brazilian soccer referee was tortured, quartered and beheaded for stabbing and killing a player during a match

In 2013 a Brazilian soccer player was stabbed to death after a dispute with a referee, leading to the referee's severed head being put on a stake in midfield - source

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The Brazilian soccer team has beaten every country in a soccer match except for Norway

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Lionel Messi was only 18min from dying in a fiery plane crash in the same plane that later killed an entire Brazilian soccer team

Elite athletes such as Brazilian soccer player Neymar use less than 10% of the brain activity while playing compared to amateurs. It is as if their brain goes on autopilot.

About Elkeson, a Brazilian born soccer player who now plays for the Chinese National Team after being naturalized as a chinese citizen in 2019

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