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The fastest red card in a football match was given too Lee Todd in just 2 seconds for saying "Fuck me that was loud" when the Ref blew his whistle

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There was a little ice age between 1600 and 1814. The river Thames in London used to completely freeze over for 2 months per year allowing "Frost Fairs" to take place with football pitches, bowling matches, fruit-sellers, shoemakers, barbers... even a pub or two.

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  1. In a football match between Chelsea and Charlton Athletic, the fog was so thick that Charlton keeper was unaware that the match has been stopped by the referee due to poor visibility, assuming play was in Chelsea's half. It was 15 minutes before the police told him the game has been abandoned.

  2. Ireland’s biggest football stadium uses Harris hawks to control the skies so seagulls won’t enter the stadium during the matches or after the clean up.

  3. The fastest red card ever given in football (soccer) was given 2 seconds into the match to Lee Todd after he muttered "Fuck me, that was loud" when the kickoff whistle blew.

  4. Top level footballers show 10% less brain activity compared to amateurs during competitive matches and scientists have likened it to being on 'autopilot'.

  5. The San Marino national football team have played over 120 competative matches in their history and won 0 of them

  6. The 1914 Christmas Truce. After months of fighting, German and Allied artillery fell silent, and Christmas carols filled the air instead. Both parties got out of their trenches and exchanged food, and held friendly football matches.

  7. In 1998, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, lightning struck in the field during a football (soccer) match. 11 people died, all of the same team. The players from the other team were left unharmed. The whole thing even led to accusations of cursing and witchcraft.

  8. A Colombian footballer was murdered after scoring an own goal, knocking Colombia out of the 1994 FIFA World Cup. The next day, a BBC commentator for another match remarked, "the Argentine defender warrants shooting for a mistake like that".

  9. In Congo, All 11 members of a football (American soccer) team were killed by a bolt of lightning which left the other team unhurt. The two sides were drawing 1-1 in the match in eastern Kasai Province when the lightning struck the visiting team.

  10. The Swedish national women's football (Soccer) team was beaten in a match by a group of teen boys

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football match fact data chart about Countries I visited and amount of stadiums I have attended a
Countries I visited and amount of stadiums I have attended association football matches in

football match fact data chart about Points for champions and runners-up of all 131 years of Engl
Points for champions and runners-up of all 131 years of English top-flight football league, adjusted to 38-match season, 3 points per win

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After major crowd trouble in 2011, Turkish football authorities banned all men and boys over 12 from the next match leading to a 41000 strong carnival atmosphere of women and children.

A football team made up entirely of kids with down syndrome were training together since 2015 but never had any opponents. Irish international football star James Mclean set up a team to play the kids in their first match. - source

In 2013 a Brazilian referee was lynched, quartered and beheaded by football spectators after he stabbed a player in a match he officiated. - source

On June 30, 2013 an amateur football match in Brazil ended with the stabbing of a player and the decapitation of the referee.

A football referee set a record by showing 36 red cards in a single game, dismissing all the players, subs and coaches during an Argentinean game between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas. The match descended into a mass brawl, with the managers and coaches also on the pitch fighting. - source

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Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's son Uday Hussein used to imprison and torture Iraqi national team footballers for days if they lost a match or a tournament.

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Football(soccer) player Soldier Wilson had a heart attack during a match in 1906. Despite severe chest pains he asked to be subbed in the match again after two of his teammates were injured. He played for a few minutes before he collapsed and died in the dressing room

an octopus named Paul accurately predicted the results football matches with an 85+% success rate, including the results of the 2010 World Cup.

There was a football match that ended up in 1-3, but all goals in the match were scored by the lost team. It was Sunderland versus Chartlon Athletic 15 years ago in English Premier League. All the four goals were scored by Sunderland players.

A football match in December 1891 between Blackburn and Burnley had to be abandoned when all the Blackburn players except the goalkeeper simply left the pitch after halftime because it was too cold, causing the Burnley players to constantly be offside

Rosalie Alvarez assembled Doberman Drill Team whose main purpose was to display agility, intelligence and obedience of Doberman. This team had traveled through USA around 30 years and performed in various hospitals and at numerous football matches.

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Football matchs watched trough the year 2018

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Facebook Watch statistics of today's Spanish first division football match.

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The first international football (soccer) match was played between Scotland and England in 1872. Scotland played with 6 forwards, England played with 8. The match finished 0-0.

The Yellow and Red cards in Football were created after "The Battle of Santiago" in the Chilean World Cup of 1962 because of the violence displayed by the locals and the Italians in a match, which even required policial intervention. The Referee of the match created the Penalty Cards.

In 1939, quarterback Frank Filchock set a record that has not been broken to date, only matched. He connected for a 99-yard touchdown pass.

Larry the Cable Guy broke an Army veterans arm during an arm wrestling match in his suite at a Nebraska football game

In 1938, the England football team performed a nazi salute before a match against Germany in Berlin. 110,000 spectators were present.

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There's no specific size a football pitch has to be, even in international matches. There is a general range and it just has to be within that

At the 1978 Asian Games, North and South Korea's national football teams both made it to the grand finals, only to end the match 0–0 in overtime, forcing the two teams to share Gold.

The French National Football team brought the same color jersey as their opponents to their opening match in the 1978 World Cup, and had to borrow green and white striped jerseys from a local team for the match.

Intentionally farting during a football match can get you removed from the game

During football match the Charlton Goalkeeper hadn't realised the match had been abandoned, until a police officer appeared through the fog to tell him.

The Football War between Honduras and El Salvador - it lasted 100 hours (4 days) and started after riots took place during a football (soccer) match between the two nations

A friendship building football match between Christian and Muslim clergy was cancelled after disagreements due to female participation.

The Christmas Truce of WW1, where 100,000 German and British soldiers held a ceisefire so they could exchange gifts, sing carols together, return prisoners, and even play football matches along the Western Front.

In 1989, 96 people lost their lives at an English football match in a human crush cause by overcrowding.

About the 1985 European Football Cup Final. Before the match started Liverpool fans breached the barrier into the Juventus fans area and 39 people were killed in the ensuing mayhem. For fear of further violence the match carried on as normal with the bodies still in the stands.

In one of the strangest football matches ever between Barbados and Grenade, due to an unusual rule, it was in the best interest of Barbados to score an own goal, and then in Grenada's best interest to score an own goal. Leading to Barbados player at one point defending both goals.

In England the police can search a football coach going to or from a football match if they have reasonable grounds for suspecting there is alcohol on board or that someone is drunk on the coach.

Every goal in the highest scoring football match was an own goal (AS Adema 149 - 0 SO Emyrne)

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