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Manchester United once had a goat mascot named "Billy" who died of alcohol poisoning after drinking too much champagne celebrating the team's 1909 FA Cup victory.

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Lucozade sponsors many teams and athletes including the McLaren Formula One team, the Republic of Ireland Football Team, the England Football Team, the England Rugby Football Union, the FA Cup, the FA Premier League, the Amateur Rowing Association, Ben Wynne, Ronan O"Gara, Damien Duff, Steven Gerrard, and Michael Owen.

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  1. Martin Fletcher, who survived the 1985 Bradford City Stadium fire that killed 56 fans, including four of his family. Four years later he attended the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough, and witnessed the horror as 96 fans lost their lives in a crush

  2. The 1990 England world cup song, 'World in Motion' by New Order, was originally called 'E for England', but was vetoed by the FA, because of the rampant Ecstasy Drug Culture in England at the time.

  3. In 1934, England refused to attend the World Cup in Italy, with the FA calling it "a joke" and claiming that "the national teams of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have enough to do in their own International Championship, which is a far better World Championship than the one in Rome"

  4. The 1923 FA Cup Final kicked off 45 minutes late after crowds found their way onto the pitch after massive overcrowding. Estimates indicate 300,000 poured into the 125,000 max capacity stadium.

  5. In the 2004 FA Cup Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first three goals, and his team won the championship.

  6. Up 3-1 with 17 minutes left in the 1956 FA Cup Final, goalkeeper Bert Trautmann collided with an opponent's knee with his neck. Regaining consciousness and with no subs permitted, he continued playing and made two further saves. It was revealed afterwards that he had broken a bone in his neck.

  7. The 1923 FA Cup Final was so crowded the fans left the terraces and lined the pitch

  8. With over half a billion people watching The FA Cup final, it is the 'most watched' annual sporting event

  9. On 17 May 2014, Charles Bronson covered himself in butter. and attacked prison officers at HM Prison Full Sutton after hearing about the result of his least favorite football team, Arsenal FC winning the 2014 FA Cup Final.

  10. That, in 2006, a football fan had a dream that Liverpool FC's Xabi Alonso would score a goal from his own half that season, so he placed a £200 bet on it happening at 125-1. Alonso did so in the FA Cup 3rd round; the fan won £25,000.

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I made a radial bracket for the FA Cup 2017/18!

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Heart rate during the Tottenham vs Manchester United FA Cup Semi Final

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In 1956, Manchester City goalkeeper Bert Trautman broke his neck in a FA Cup Final and played on, they won 3-1.

Cardiff City F.C. is the only non-English team to have won the FA Cup - source

A player played the english FA Cup Final in 1956, as a goalkeeper, with a broken neck. - source

In 1873 Sheffield FC knocked Shropshire Wanderers out of the FA Cup via a coin toss. The only time a tie has been decided this way.

Bert Trautmann, a former Nazi paratrooper, was captured by the British in WW2. Despite the deep hostility, he played for Manchester City in the FA Cup Final, broke his neck, carried on to play and helped the team to win the Cup. - source

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Only six clubs have won the FA Cup twice in a row, including this year's finalists Arsenal

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The German FA once banned all German clubs from playing games against any team Ferenc Puskas played for after Puskas accused the German national team of doping. Puskas was forced to issue a formal apology before the 1960 European cup final could take place

The first FA Cup Final (1872) was played between Wanderers and the Royal Engineers

Liverpool FC had a deal with Adidas to dress players in the final of the FA Cup in 1966 with Adidas gear. However, some were signed with Gola, and they painted the Adidas three-stripes on with a marker.

A Spectator saved Fabrice Muamba, a soccer player who had suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed during a FA Cup match.

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Carlo Ancelotti not only won the EPL and FA Cup double with Chelsea FC, but earlier on in his managerial career was responsible for selling Zola, our legendary #25 to Chelsea Fc.

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