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UEFA has a rule saying a Russian and Ukrainian team can not be drawn to meet in The Champions League

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German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, while playing for Bayern Munich, walked up to Santiago CaƱizares, the goalkeeper from Valencia, and tried to comfort him after Bayern won the 2001 UEFA Champions League Final through penalty shoot-out. For such act, he won the UEFA Fair Play Award.

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  1. The European Football Cup (later the UEFA Champions League), was formed after a bunch of Europe's best teams lost to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

  2. Xabi Alonsos first ever professional penalty was the one in the 2005 UEFA Champions League final

  3. The champions league anthem uses the 3 official UEFA languages on its lyrics(English, French, and German)

  4. Roma VS Barcelona uefa champions league All Goals & Highlights FULL MATCH 10.04.2018

  5. The UEFA Champions League's lyrics are in French, German and English

  6. Chart of European Cup and UEFA Champions League winners. All winner trough whole histroy of competition

  7. Jimmy Jump, who is famous for streaking major events such as UEFA euro cup, FIFA world cup final, Champions league final, Formula One events, French open final, Eurovision song contest and others.

  8. The Superbowl has lower ratings than the UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup

  9. UEFA Champions League Anthem is written in three languages: English, French and German

  10. Paulo Ferreira is the only football player to won UEFA Cup and Champions league back to back twice and in both directions.

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UEFA Champions League Finalist's League Positions

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2017-18 UEFA Champions League match-up probabilities for the Round of last 16

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The most popular annual sporting event in the world is not the Super Bowl. Instead, it is the final match of a soccer event called the "UEFA Champions League"

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