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The Millwall brick, an improvised bludgeon weapon made by rolling a newspaper and then folding it in the middle. It is named for the supporters of the English football club Millwall.

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To spite their rival club, Liverpool, UK football team Everton opened a store in the Liverpool One shopping complex called "Everton Two". Making the full address of the store, "Everton Two, Liverpool One".

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  1. Everton Footbal club's officlal store "Everton Two" is located in the shopping center Liverpool ONE. Its full name is Everton Two - Liverpool ONE.

  2. Victoria Football Club Northwich was founded in 1874

  3. A Peruvian football club tried to avoid relegation by moving their stadium to one of the highest cities in the world, so their opponents would suffer from altitude sickness. Oh, and their nickname was "Los Wankeros".

  4. British Football club Everton, has a store in one of the biggest malls in Liverpool (Liverpool are Everton's rival). The shop is called Everton Two and the mall is called Liverpool One. This means their address is Everton Two Liverpool One

  5. In 1976, Elton John bought a controlling interest in Watford FC, his favorite boyhood football club, investing his own money and acting as chairman for many years leading to Watford's promotion to the top division in English football

  6. Max Woosnam captained Manchester City football club and England, scored a century at Lord's, played golf off scratch, won Wimbledon and Olympic gold in tennis, made a 147 break at snooker and beat Charlie Chaplin in table tennis with a butter knife.

  7. A German football club was banned from playing for 12 months in 1934 for failing to give the Nazi salute at the start of a game.

  8. In 1994 West Ham Football club manager Harry Redknapp got frustrated at a fan for bad mouthing one of the players, so the manager gave him the team kit and substituted him onto the field. The fan went on to score a goal in that game.

  9. Peter Moore, current CEO of Liverpool Football Club, is the same dude that unveiled Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV releases with tattoos of each of the games' respective logos.

  10. About Carlos Kaiser, The greatest striker who never scored a goal in 25-year career. He was a conman who tricked football clubs into signing him, but always faked injuries to avoid playing and getting caught.

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Number of countries squad members from each nation at the 2018 FIFA world cup played club football in

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Manchester United Football Club's Transfer Fees since the inception of Premier League in 1992

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The Fremantle Dockers, an Australian Football club, who have never won the Premiership and whose mascot is literally an anchor.

Footballer Jermaine Pennant once left his Porsche at a train station in Spain after moving. When his former club contacted him about the car, he didn't even remember owning a Porsche. - source

Spanish football club Athletic Bilbao have had an unwritten rule whereby the club will only sign players who were born in the Basque Country. Despite this, they are only 1 of 3 clubs to have never been relegated from the Spanish top division. - source

Ben Johnson, known for being stripped of his medals for a doping scandal, was hired by Libyan leader Gaddafi to act as a football coach for his son, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, who aspired to join an Italian club. Al-Saadi ultimately did join an Italian team but was sacked when he failed a drug test

In 2011, Fulham Football Club's president unveiled a statue of Michael Jackson outside the club's stadium. Fulham fans were confused and failed to understand the relevance of Jackson to the club. Fulham's president told the fans to "go to hell". - source

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Real Madrid is richest football clubs in terms of revenue with annual turnover of $675 million and Total value of $3,440 million .

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The Australian football team, Melbourne FC is the oldest professional football club in the world, being founded in 1859

Leroy Rosenior was sacked only 10 minutes after the press conference at which he was introduced as the new coach of Torquay, because the club had been sold. It is shortest tenure of any football coach.

The English football club Barrow AFC has a club crest which includes the image of a bee sitting on an arrow. "B" plus "Arrow" = "Barrow"

The English football league system has 24 levels made of 140 leagues and 480 divisions, comprising around 7,000 individual clubs. Theoretically, a level 24 team can be promoted all the way to the Premier League.

Celtic won the European Cup, Europe's most prestigious club football competition, with a team born entirely within 30 miles of Celtic Park in Glasgow.

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Record attendance of English football clubs

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Top Football Clubs of Europe that have spent the Most

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Gary Lineker (Retired English Footballer) was never booked for club or country. He played a total of 541 games at professional level and didn't receive a single yellow or red card.

FIFA ranks Madrid as having the 20th century's most successful football (soccer in the U.S.) club. The team is Real Madrid FC.

The German Football Club Kadashain was prohibited from participating in the 1934 season because the team failed to give the Nazi salute while entering the field

The Footbal Club Tottenham Hotspur uses the Song "Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars to announce the Appearance of the Players from the Tunnel

After English football team Wimbledon FC relocated to another city, protesting fans created their own club called AFC Wimbledon. Since their formation in 2002, AFC Wimbledon have risen from the 9th tier of the league pyramid and now compete in the same division as Wimbledon FC in the 3rd tier.

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FC Barcelona is one of the wealthiest football (soccer in United States) clubs in the world. FC Barcelona has a museum dedicated to the club. It is the most often visited museum in Barcelona.

In 2004 German football giant Borussia Dortmund was unable to pay the saleries of their players. A €2 million loan was the only thing that kept the club alive. The creditor; long time rival Bayern Munich.

The library from The Breakfast Club was really the gym and the football field Bender walked across was turned into townhomes

The football club Real Madrid was granted the title "Real" (royal in Spanish) by Alfonso XIII

About Alessandro Zarrelli who in 2004 conned 22 football clubs across the UK into thinking he was one of Italy’s best young prospects by impersonating a non-existent executive at the Italian Football Federation and writing letters offering his services.

The earliest recorded club playing football of any kind was simply called Foot-Ball Club (founded in Edinburgh in 1824)

Mahatma Gandhi was the founder of 3 football clubs in South Africa

English footballer, Troy Deeney aged 18 scored 7 goals while drunk in a 11-4 win. He was scouted by professional club Walsall, after the scout's son's game was postponed. Deeney was offered a trial by Walsall but only attended after his manager got him out of bed and paid £20 for his taxi

St Mirren were the first and only club to sack legendary football manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Chairman Willie Todd told a tribunal that he possesses “no managerial ability”. He has won more trophies than any other manager in the history of football.

A football team was so bad they ended the season with negative points. The team was called FC Conegliano and had a goal ratio of 8 goals scored to 131 conceded during their 2006-2007 club season in Bulgaria. They ended with -2 points

There is a Uruguayan football club named "Liverpool FC" as a tribute to the links between its home city of Montevideo and Liverpool

The first continental European association football club to beat an English team in England was in 1923 by the all Jewish, Austrian soccer club, Hakoah Vienna. After the Anschluss, the club was forcibly disbanded, property seized, and had all their games were nullified by the Nazis.

Banksy was the goalkeeper for the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls football team in the 1990s, and toured with the club to Mexico in 2001. While there, he painted a number of murals in the community.

Sheffield FC is world's oldest independent football club (1854) !

There is a Dutch football club called "Never give up, always persevere, pleasant for its entertainment and useful for its relaxation, combination Breda"

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