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A no-beef diet is not much worse for the environment than a vegetarian diet

how electric cars are worse for the environment?

Studies have shown that organic food is worse for the environment than non-organic, and is unsustainable due to its higher land use requirements

What is worse for the environment petrol or diesel?

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what is worse for the environment?

  1. Artificial Christmas trees (thought to be a "green" alternative) are worse for the environment than using a live Christmas tree, unless used for more than 20 years.

  2. Organic farming is significantly worse for the environment than conventional farming due to lower crop yields and toxic 'natural' pesticides, among other things

  3. All petroleum based clothes fibres are bad the environment, but polyester is the worst. Micro fibres are worse for the ocean eco-systems than the plastic bottles and bags, etc.

  4. A study found a meatless diet was not enough to help the environment. You also had to pick your vegetables. The study examined energy and resource use across all foods and found that many vegetables are worse for the environment than meat. Lettuce was found to produce more emissions than bacon.

  5. Paper bags can be worse for the environment than plastic ones. The most eco-friendly bags are the reusable ones such as cotton, jute, hemp, etc.

  6. Premium gas is worse for the environment while offering no performance benefits for most cars in comparison to regular gas

  7. Using soaps to clean armpits increases body odor (or makes it worse). It's because alkaline soaps raise the skin pH and disrupt the skin barrier, so many bacteria thrive in this increased-pH environment.

  8. The Animal product industry is actually worse for the environment than any other e.g. Energy or Automotive

  9. Plastic bag bans are actually worse for the environment

  10. Plastic bag bans are worse for the environment.

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What is worse for the environment driving or flying?

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