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Since 1970, 90% of the Deforestation in the Amazon Rain forest is Attributed to Cattle Ranching. As a Result, We are Converting Earth's Greatest Carbon Sink into a Huge Source of Methane Emissions.

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Termites fart a LOT. Their flatulance accounts for somewhere between 5 and 19 percent of global methane emissions per year.

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  1. Cutting down on meat consumption would result in decreased methane gas emissions and decreased damage to the climate. Cows produce even more methane gas than the oil industry - and millions of cows are grown for meat consumption.

  2. Even though the U.S. declined commitment to reduce methane emissions via the Kyoto Protocol, it has met the requirement approximately 2 years ago.

  3. Researchers found that methane produced by sauropods (long neck dinosaurs) across the globe would have been about 520 million tons per year, a number on par with current greenhouse gas emissions.

  4. Rice cultivation on wetland rice fields is thought to be responsible for 11% of the anthropogenic methane emissions

  5. Methane gas fermented in the guts of farm animals contribute up to 26 percent of U.S. methane emissions. Almost as much as natural gas and petroleum consumption.

  6. Scientists have analyzed more than 2000 years of methane emissions in the atmosphere and discovered that there have been several peaks during the roman times and the middle ages.

  7. TERMITES are the second source of globale methane gaz emission

  8. NOx emissions from Ships decrease methane concentrations in the atmosphere and lead to a net global cooling.

  9. 22% of all US methane emissions results from livestock "enteric fermentation". That is, cow farts.

  10. Adding a type of seaweed to cattle feed reduces cows methane emissions by 99%

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