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A Swedish scientist conducted the first study of the global greenhouse effect in 1896 by using infrared measurements of the atmosphere

how do greenhouse gases cause global warming?

The used, chemical-filled water used for fracking is often left in open air pits to evaporate. The chemicals evaporate to a certain extent into the air as well, adding to air pollution, and contributing to global warming via greenhouse gases.

What is the difference between greenhouse effect and global warming?

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what is greenhouse effect and global warming?

  1. Due to large amount of swallowed food, Apatosaurus was producing huge amount of methane (greenhouse gas) each day. With approximately 520 million tons of methane produced each year, Apatosaurus and other herbivorous dinosaurs had significant effect on the global climate.

  2. The increased usage of fossil fuels is one reason why the greenhouse gases are increasing in the atmosphere.

  3. Greenhouse gases are essential because without them, our planet would not be able to hold enough heat to sustain life.

  4. Governments and people have to make serious changes to the way we live to reduce greenhouse gases and to reduce the effects of global warming and climate change for future generations.

  5. There are five main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere: carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, ozone, and nitrous oxide.

  6. Carbon footprint from beef leads the agriculture sector, which, at 14.5% of all global greenhouse emissions, is more than what cars, trains, boats and planes emit combined.

  7. Deforestation and forest degradation account for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually, more than the entire transportation sector.

  8. Human activity greatly affects the health of the atmosphere. Human activity such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, contamination of the air, destruction of the ozone belt, and acid rain are damaging the atmosphere.

  9. About 40% of the food produced in the US never gets eaten. In the United States alone 365 million pounds (166 million kg) of food is going to waste every day. If global food waste were its own country, it would be third largest greenhouse gas emitter, just behind China and the the US.

  10. Agriculture, namely livestock and crop cultivation, contributes more to global greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation (road, rail, air, and marine) combined.

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What is the role of greenhouse gases in global warming?

Why is the greenhouse effect global in its impact?

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According to the World Bank, meat production is the cause of *half* of global greenhouse gas emissions when all is taken into account [PDF, see p6]

Bovine flatulence and belching - cow farts and burps - generate more greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalent than all global transport activities combined - source

51% of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to livestock and their byproducts - source

Animal Agriculture may amount to as much as 51% of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions -- More than Transportation and Energy combined.

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