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Cows' farts +burps are more damaging towards the environment since Methane gas is 20x more powerful than CO2. Each cow releases 200-400lbs per yr methane through flatulence. French company Valorex SAS is enforcing farmers to feed cows alfalfa and flax seed to result in 25% less methane release.

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Kangaroos don't Fart or Burp. Instead, the methane is converted into acetate, which is used to further generate energy

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  1. The most of the methane cows produce doesn't come out in farts but instead from burps.

  2. It's cow burps not farts that release most of the methane

  3. Romans farted and burped to show their contentment during meals, and that Emperor Claudius planned to create an edict allowing the freedom to fart

  4. Methane doesn't come from cow farts, it comes from cow burps

  5. Your body will continue to fart and burp for up to three hours after your death.

  6. 90% of the methane cows produce is from burps, not farts

  7. Bovine flatulence and belching - cow farts and burps - generate more greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalent than all global transport activities combined

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