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Cattle and sheep emit 11% of Australia's greenhouse gasses. Switching over to kangaroos for meat production would eliminate this.

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Dams (especially in the tropics) emit more greenhouse gasses than fossil fuel plants producing the same amount of electricity.

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  1. Cattle farms are believed to be contributing to greenhouse gasses and to be negatively affecting the world's environment.

  2. Beyond Meat" has learned how to make real meat by deconstructing plant matter and reassembling it into tissue. By skipping the animal, no greenhouse gasses are released and can be enhanced to be even healthier than "real" meat

  3. To produce beef without the use of growth promotants as compared to using growth promotants would require 12% more cattle, 10% more land, 11% more feed, and 4% more water. It would also require 7% more fuel and fertilizer. Cattle would produce 10% more manure, and 10% more and greenhouse gasses.

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