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Per kilogram, asparagus has a larger carbon footprint than pork or veal

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Scientists aren't just working on lab-grown meat, but lab-grown milk as well, which will yield vegan-friendly cheese, butter, and ice cream, and also reduce the carbon footprint of the dairy industry.

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  1. Bill Nye and his neighbour, Arrested Development star Ed Begley Jr., are in an ongoing competition to see who can have the "lowest carbon footprint"

  2. Bhutan is the only country with a negative carbon footprint

  3. 160 container ships have the same carbon footprint as all the cars in the world combined, yet the emissions from container ships are not included in global carbon emissions testing as they are typically beyond national boundaries

  4. Cotton reusable bags as well as most other reusable bags create a far greater carbon footprint than plastic bags

  5. Actor Ed Begley Jr has spent nearly 10 years in a friendly competition to have a lower carbon footprint than his neighbour, Bill Nye

  6. The average carbon footprint of a homeless person in the USA is bigger than that of the average Kyoto resident.

  7. Vatican City is the first carbon neutral state, gaining this status in 2007 when it promised to create a forest in Hungary to offset the entire Vatican City carbon footprint.

  8. Dogs have a larger carbon footprint than an SUV

  9. Carbon footprint from beef leads the agriculture sector, which, at 14.5% of all global greenhouse emissions, is more than what cars, trains, boats and planes emit combined.

  10. The reusable totes at a supermarket actually have a larger carbon footprint than using the standard plastic bags first for groceries then as a trashcan liner etc.

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carbon footprint fact data chart about Top Meat Products with the Largest Carbon Footprint: Lamb co
Top Meat Products with the Largest Carbon Footprint: Lamb comes in top

carbon footprint fact data chart about Power Generation Distribution by Power Source vs. Equivalent
Power Generation Distribution by Power Source vs. Equivalent Carbon Footprint in Ontario, Canada for the past 5 days.

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Marijuana Cultivation Has a Carbon Footprint that Rivals Heavy Industrial Manufacturing

When Austin Texas banned plastic bags, reusable bags began to fill the landfills in their place. These reusable bags were found to be more detrimental to the environment as they had a much higher carbon footprint than that of the single use bags - source

In order to get the same amount of calories, canned vegetables produce triple the carbon footprint of meat. - source

Lamb has about the worst carbon footprint, while lentils are the best.

Home heating has a bigger carbon footprint than a car - source

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That, according to two scientists, a medium-sized dog has the same carbon footprint as two standard SUVs.

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The average mpg of a NASCAR car is about 5 mpg and NASCAR’s average annual carbon footprint is around 4 million pounds

Due to its carbon footprint, you will need to use a reusable cotton bag 7100 times for it to be more environmentally friendly than using a regular plastic bag.

These rainwater harvesting systems are not at all eco-friendly, because you would eventually use pumps and leave a carbon footprint, but rather cost-effective.

If America's cats and dogs were considered their own country they would rank fifth in meat consumption and would have an annual carbon footprint equivalent to driving 13.6 million cars

How ecologically demanding dairy farming is. Swapping one glass a day of dairy milk to soy or almond milk reduces your carbon footprint by 150 kg, the equivalent of driving a petrol vehicle 400 miles.

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carbon footprint fact infographic about The carbon footprint of nearly everything

The carbon footprint of nearly everything

carbon footprint fact infographic about You want to reduce the carbon footprint of your food? Focus

You want to reduce the carbon footprint of your food? Focus on what you eat, not whether your food is local

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Giving up beef will reduce the carbon footprint more than giving up cars; studies show that meat eaters emit roughly double the Co2 when compared to vegetarians and vegans.

The carbon footprint resulting from having a child is about 20 times more important than issues such as recycling, driving an efficient vehicle, etc.

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