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The closest election that had over 1 million voters was the Washington gubernatorial election in 2004. The difference was 133 votes out of 2.8 million.

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In the 1946 Californian gubernatorial election, incumbent governor Earl Warren was nominated as the candidate of the Republican, Democratic, and Progressive parties. He was reelected with 91.64% of the vote.

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  1. That, in the 1998 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary in Minnesota, two sons of Vice Presidents ran against eachother. Skip Humphrey, son of Vice President Hubert Humphrey, against Ted Mondale, son of Vice President Walter Mondale. Humphrey went on to lose the election ... to Jesse Ventura

  2. The song "Come Together" by The Beatles was made for Timothy Leary's Gubernatorial Election against incumbent Ronald Reagan. And was plagiarized from Chuck Berry's -"You Can't Catch Me".

  3. Actor Gary Coleman ran as an Independent and received over 14,000 votes in the 2003 California Gubernatorial recall election

  4. In 1991, a former Grand Wizard of the KKK received 31.7% of the vote and 2nd place in a Louisiana gubernatorial election, beating out both an incumbent congressman and the incumbent Governor.

  5. Billionaire J.B. Pritzker campaigned for the Illinois gubernatorial election with union backing while at least one of the companies he owned intimidated organizers interested in unionizing their workforce.

  6. Buddy MacKay became Florida's Governor in December 1998 in spite of him losing the Florida gubernatorial election which was held a month earlier.

  7. Howard Callaway became the first Republican to win the popular vote in Georgia's gubernatorial election, but still lost due to the election being thrown into the Democratic Georgia General Assembly due to none of the candidates winning more than 50%

  8. As the Democratic nominee, Huey P. Long won the 1928 Louisiana gubernatorial election by receiving 96 percent of the votes.

  9. Robert Gray, a truck driver from Mississippi, won the Democratic primary for the Mississippi gubernatorial election despite spending $0 on his campaign, and not even voting himself.

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gubernatorial election fact data chart about Sankey diagram of results from Maine's Democratic Gubernator
Sankey diagram of results from Maine's Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, the state's first election using Ranked Choice Voting

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New Jersey 2017 Gubernatorial election results compared to 2016 presidential election results by county

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None of these candidates" received the most votes (30%) in the 2014 Nevada gubernatorial election

During the 2003 California Gubernatorial recall election, GSN held a game show entitled Who Wants to Be Governor of California? – The Debating Game, featuring seven candidates unlikely to win the election, including former child star Gary Coleman and porn star Mary Carey. - source

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