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That, in the 1998 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary in Minnesota, two sons of Vice Presidents ran against eachother. Skip Humphrey, son of Vice President Hubert Humphrey, against Ted Mondale, son of Vice President Walter Mondale. Humphrey went on to lose the election ... to Jesse Ventura

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Pigasus, a domesticated pig, ran as a candidate in the 1968 Democratic primaries. During a campaign rally, Pigasus (and numerous members of the Youth International Party) were arrested by Chicago police for disturbing the peace. Pigasus and the others were put on trial for the alleged crimes.

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  1. Before the 1972 New Hampshire Democratic Primary, a letter was released indicating that candidate Edmund Muskie held a prejudice against French Canadians. The letter which ended Muskie's run was later found to be forged by the Nixon campaign, which saw Muskie as their strongest opponent.

  2. Only 57.6 million people, or 28.5% of estimated eligible voters, voted in the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries this year.

  3. Political alignments were different in 1920s and "30s America, with there being three primary divisions: conservative, progressives, and southern Democrats. Hughes was firmly in the progressive camp and sometimes aligned with progressive Democrats against conservative Republicans.

  4. In 2006, Ned Lamont won the Democratic primary election for US Senate in Connecticut, defeating then-incumbent Joe Lieberman. However, Lieberman then ran as an Independent and won the general, defeating both Lamont and the GOP candidate. Lamont is now Governor of Connecticut as of January 2019.

  5. Future Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren won both the Republican and Democratic primaries during his re-election for Governor of California in 1946. He was represented by both parties on the ballot, and won over 90% of the vote against minor party candidates.

  6. In both the Democratic and Republican primary elections, there are hundreds of "superdelegates" who vote for whatever candidate they want, and carry the weight of about 10,000 voters each.

  7. Even if Bernie Sanders wins the primary vote, he could still lose the nomination because the democratic party's delegates consist of 15% so-called "Superdelegates" who get to nominate whoever they want in-spite of the popular vote.

  8. Wolf Blitzer tried to get Bernie Sanders to apologize for the Sandy Hook shooting during the democratic primaries

  9. In the 1972 Democratic presidential primaries Republican President Richard Nixon received more than 1000 write in votes.

  10. The Northern Mariana Islands has US Democratic and Republican presidential primaries, even though they don't get to vote in the general elecation

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democratic primaries fact data chart about Sankey diagram of results from Maine's Democratic Gubernator
Sankey diagram of results from Maine's Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, the state's first election using Ranked Choice Voting

democratic primaries fact data chart about 2016 Democratic Primaries: Actual election results compared
2016 Democratic Primaries: Actual election results compared to RCP polling averages

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South Carolina's 2010 senate primary race winner was "unemployed, accused of a sex offense and living in his father's basement...had run no visible campaign...appeared at no Democratic events and couldn't even explain where he got the $10,400 needed to file as a candidate."

Despite government initiatives making primary education free in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2010, access as well as attendance remains poor amongst children. Currently, 25 percent of the primary school-aged children and 60 percent of adolescents are not enrolled in classes - source

Former Grand Wizard of the KKK, David Duke, held office in Louisiana and was a candidate in both Democratic and Republican presidential primaries. - source

In the 1980 Democratic primary, Ted Kennedy only won 12 states and 35% of the delegates but wouldn't endorse or campaign for President Carter. In the election, the Democrats lost the Presidency, the House and the Senate.

A 14-year-old won more than 8 percent of the vote in Vermont's Democratic governor primaries in 2018. - source

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Robert Gray, a truck driver from Mississippi, won the Democratic primary for the Mississippi gubernatorial election despite spending $0 on his campaign, and not even voting himself.

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In 2014, Clay Aiken announced his intentions to run for Congress in North Carolina's 2nd congressional district. He won the Democratic primary held on May 6, 2014 but lost to Republican incumbent Renee Ellmers in the general election on November 4, 2014.

Gary Hart, the clear frontrunner in the 1988 Democratic primaries until media allegations of an extramarital affair forced him to suspend his campaign. Nearly two-thirds of Americans surveyed thought media treatment of Hart was "unfair". George H.W. Bush would go on to become president.

Until 1944, Texas (and later the Democratic Party of Texas, which was seen as a "private entity" despite unilateral Democratic control of state power) was allowed to explicitly ban non-white voters from voting in Democratic primary elections; it took four Supreme Court cases to overrule

Convicted Felon Keith Judd managed to win 40% of the vote in the West Virginia Democratic Primary while serving a 17-year sentence for mail-extortion

In 1992, Fred Phelps, the one-time leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, attempted to run as a candidate for senator in Kansas in the Democratic primary, and managed to get 31% of the vote.

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democratic primaries fact infographic about By far, Joe Biden remains the No. 1 choice for black and His

By far, Joe Biden remains the No. 1 choice for black and Hispanic Democrats for the party's 2020 presidential primary. But many nonwhite Dem-leaning voters also are considering Ber

democratic primaries fact infographic about Comparing voting patterns between Democratic senators who we

Comparing voting patterns between Democratic senators who were strong candidates in recent primaries

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An unknown truck driver named Robert Gray won the Democratic gubernatorial primary in Mississippi, despite not running a campaign. No one who voted for him knew who he was, and even his mother thought she was voting for a different Robert Gray.

If Christine Hallquist wins Tuesday’s Democratic primary and goes on to run for Vermont governor, she will become the first person in history that Americans voted in as a transgender woman for such a high profile political role.

The "Birther Movement" originated from Hilary Clinton supporters during the 2008 Democratic primaries.

The 'birther' movement was invented by Hillary Clinton's campaign to try to salvage her chances in the Democrat primary against Obama.

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Only 280 people voted in the Wyoming 2016 Democratic Primary. WTF guys.

Nevada has a "None of these candidates" option for political races. It has won twice, once in the 1976 republican primary and once in the 2014 democratic primary. The "runner up" was still chosen.

Keith Judd, a white felon who was incarcerated at the time, won 41% of the 2012 Democrat presidential primary vote in WV. He also beat Barack Obama in 10 counties.

Former-president Bill Clinton was a super-delegate for the 2008 Democratic Primary election. He originally supported his wife, Hillary Clinton, but ended up pledging for Obama in late June 2008.

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