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In the Liberian General Election (1927), there were 15,000 voters but the winner received 243,000 votes. It made it the Guinness Book of Records as the most fraudulent election reported in history.

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In 1954 Soviet prisoners overthrew their guards and, for 40 days, established a gulag republic with a democratically elected provisional government, marriages between male and female prisoners, indigenous religious ceremonies and a general flowering of art and culture.

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  1. In 1984, the New Zealand Prime Minister got drunk and decided to spontaneously call a general election, which he lost.

  2. April 11, 1954 was the most boring day in history, according to a computer program tracking news. The most noteworthy events of that day included a general election in Belgium and the birth of a Turkish academic.

  3. Jefferson Davis in 1861 hoped to become a general in the Confederate Army. He was stunned and horrified to learn that he had been elected the first president of the Confederate States of America.

  4. Daniel Hale Williams was an American general surgeon, who in 1893 performed the first documented, successful pericardium surgery in the United States to repair a wound. In 1913, Williams was elected as the only African-American charter member of the American College of Surgeons.

  5. A 2012 paper found evidence of systematic electronic vote rigging in the 2008 US General Election and 2012 Republican Primaries

  6. In 1953 Iranian coup the US and UK put a General in charge that had once tried to build a pro Nazi government in Iran and had been arrested as such. He replaced a democratically elected government.

  7. John Ashcroft, former US Attorney General, lost a Senate Race, as the incumbent, to man who died weeks before the election

  8. In 1984 the New Zealand prime minister drunkenly called a general election and lost.

  9. Some of Athens' government positions were randomly assigned to members of the general population. According to Aristotle, these positions were truly democratic while the elected ones were oligarchic.

  10. Roseanne Barr ran for the presidential nomination in 2012 in both the Green Party and the Peace & Freedom Party. She won the latter, and in the general election placed sixth with 61,971 votes.

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The United Kingdom of Apathy: 2017 General election if not turning up to vote counted as a vote for "RON" (re-open nominations). Inspired by last week's United States of Apathy

general election fact data chart about Heat map of Model Code of Conduct Violations in India - Gene
Heat map of Model Code of Conduct Violations in India - General Elections 2019

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Sophocles was elected as one of 10 generals in 441 BC, and served in the campaign against Samos.

The largest number of states any presidential candidate has won during the general election was 49. This occurred twice, during Nixon's election and during Reagan's reelection. - source

She first entered parliament after winning a seat in the general election of 1959.

The next elected President of the USA (The 45th President) will also be the recipient of a new model state car. The specs on the new model are unknown at this point; however, $15,800,765.00 has already been paid to General Motors for this project since 2013.

After US Representative Paul Broun stated that " the sciences of embryology, evolution, and the Big Bang are lies straight from the Pit of Hell", in the 2012 general election, over 5,000 voters in the 10th District voted for Charles Darwin as a write-in candidate. - source

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The Liberals won every seat in the 1987 New Brunswick general election. The party named several of its own members as the Official Opposition for parliamentary government to work properly.

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Hughes retired from the Supreme Court in 2016 to accept the Republican Party's presidential nomination. He lost to incumbent President Woodrow Wilson in the general election.

In 1881, the Isle of Man parliament, Tynwald, became the first national legislative body in the world to give women the right to vote in a general election, although this excluded married women.

Kaskaskia, a town in Illinois with a population of 14 people. Despite its small population, notable residents include a U.S. Senator, a Governor, a civil war General, the first Black person elected to Congress, and a famous Outlaw.

Accountant-General Chua Kim Yeow was one of two candidates in Singapore's First presidential election. He was reluctantly persuaded to run to give people a choice. He told his supporters not to campaign for and that Ong, the other candidate was superior. He still got 41% of the vote

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Votes versus seats at UK general elections

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History of General Elections and Coups in Turkey

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Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, one of Napoleon's generals, was elected King of Sweden, and subsequently reigned as Charles XIV John of Sweden. He was one of the chief commanders in the Coalition forces against Napoleon, and helped ensure the defeat of the Emperor at Leipzig

In the 1983 United Kingdom General Election The Social Democrat-Liberal Alliance received more than 25% of the vote but only 3.5% of the seats in parliament due to the First-Past-The-Post voting system.

In the 1918 UK general election, 33 of the MPs elected were in prison.

Winston Churchill lost the 1945 general election in a landslide. The 12.0% national swing from the Conservative Party to the Labour Party remains the largest ever achieved in a British general election.

Citizens of Commonwealth Nations such as Canada Can Vote in United Kingdom General Elections

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Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, a Congresswoman who was defeated the same day she was elected. She won the special election for Texas' 22nd district but, in the general election held on the same exact day, she lost to Nick Lampson. She served in Congress for only 51 days.

In a Governor's Council Primary in Massachusetts, Herbert L. Connolly lost to Robert B. Kennedy by a single vote, which was his own. Connolly wasn't able to vote because he arrived at the polls a few minutes after they closed. Kennedy went on to win the general election.

The founder of the social networking site Bebo is now leader of the "Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol Party", and is running in the 2015 General Election

Charles VII, the first non-Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor in 300 years, lost his home territory within a year of being elected. His general was compared to a drum, as people only "heard about him only when he was beaten".

China's only general election took place in 1948 and selected 759 congress members. Half of them moved to Taiwan with KMT, and served till they died until in 1991 the surviving ones were forcibly retired.

In the December 1910 UK general election, a candidate won by a majority of just 1 vote.

A "Shermanesque statement" is defined by an abundance of clarity. It comes from General William T. Sherman, who once rejected calls to run for president by saying: "I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected."

Women “accidentally” voted in the general election of 1864 in the colony of Victoria.

Einhard records that at the time of Charlemagne, kings and mayordomos were democratically elected. The people would form a general assembly and draw out political boundaries for several elected offices. The move to inheritance was because the Pope began directly appointing instead.

India's first general election had a voter population of 173 million voters, and despite having a literacy rate of 16 % the voter turn out was 45.7 %

Buckingham, a UK constituency, effectively cannot vote in a General Election since the residing MP is John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons. Political parties agree to not put forward a candidate hence the Speaker - who cannot vote on legislation - gains an almost guaranteed win.

In the 1957 Indian General Elections, a candidate in Delhi filed his nomination under the name 'Lord Jesus Christ'.

Salinas de Gortari, the candidate of the governing party, was losing the 1988 Mexican general election during the vote tabulation but there was "a breakdown of the system" and he finally turned out as the winner.

London contains so many French expats (300,000-400,000) it is referred to at the 6th city in the French General Elections

In the 1983 UK general election, a voter put his cross in the wrong box, and to correct his mistake, attempted to eat the ballot paper. He was forced by the presiding officer to spit it out and faced prosecution for "wilfully damaging the ballot paper"

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