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For the past 4 election cycles a man named Vermin Supreme has campaigned on a platform of time travel, zombie based alternative energy, mandatory tooth brushing laws, and a free pony for every American.

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Western Illinois University has correctly predicted the president every election cycle since 1975.

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  1. After Democrats and Republicans, the longest continually active political party in the United States is the Prohibition Party, which was founded in 1869 and has run a candidate for president in every election cycle since.

  2. Because of the ease and relatively extreme secrecy you can open a shell corporation in Delaware, 'companies' routinely make 6 figure donations to Super PACs nearly ever election cycle. DE's corporation laws also help launder money for major criminals all over the world, such as El Chappo.

  3. There Were 14 Democratic Presidential Debates by This Time For the 2008 Presidential Race. This election cycle, there has been just 1 democratic debate so far.

  4. In Dixville Notch, a town of 12 people in New Hampshire, all residents over 18 gather at midnight to cast their ballots, making them the first town to vote in each election cycle.

  5. In the United States an average of 28% of the eligible voting population choose the president every election cycle.

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