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America's first female mayor was elected in 1887. A group of men nominated her as a joke intended to humiliate women, but instead she won over 60% of the vote.

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America's first female mayor was elected in 1887. A group of men nominated her as a joke, but she won over 60 percent of the vote.

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  1. In the elections for mayor of Rio de Janeiro in 1988 the population was so unhappy with politicians, that a well-known monkey of the local zoo received over 400k votes.

  2. The town of Monowi in Nebraska is the smallest town in the USA with only one resident. Elsie Eiler (84), she is the mayor, clerk, librarian and bar owner. She pays taxes to herself, gives herself her own liquor licenses and votes for herself in municipal elections.

  3. In 1855 the mayor of Los Angeles, Stephen Foster, convinced a mob to not kill an accused murderer, but to try him in a court of law. When the accused man was acquitted, the mayor resigned and led a lynch mob to kill the man. He was re-elected a year later.

  4. In 2002, the candidates for the election of Warsaw's mayor were each given the same save of SimCity 3000. The map resembled Warsaw, had 32.7k citizens, and they got 60k simoleons. The competition was won by Lech Kaczynski who won the elections afterwards. He soon became President of Poland.

  5. A dog named Duke has been the mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota since 2014, having won 3 re-elections.

  6. In 1986, a beer drinking goat was elected mayor of a small town in Texas, USA

  7. Out of the 50,000 workers that could have been in the world trade centre on September 11th 2001, only around 19,000 were there that day for two main reasons; because people were late taking their kids to the first day of school and voting at local polling station for the mayoral election

  8. Jon Gnarr ,a comedian who started a satirical political party and campaign, ended up winning and being the elected the mayor of Reykjavík.After being elected he refused to form a coalition with anyone who had not seen all the seasons of “The Wire”

  9. In 2008, a conservative town in Oregon elected the 1st openly transgendered, cross-dressing mayor in the US. When the Westboro Baptist Church came to protest, many of the male residents of the town wore dresses as an act of solidarity with their mayor.

  10. 1988 a chimpanzee received 400.000 votes in a mayoral election in Rio de Janeiro, coming in third place.

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Median age, by precinct, of voters in the Seattle 2017 mayoral election

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1 billion dollars (12% of GDP) was stolen from 3 Moldovan banks in 2014, a main culprit was elected Mayor in 2015.

A man named Frank Grigware was serving a life sentence at USP Leavenworth when he escaped in 1910, and fled to Canada. By 1916 he was elected mayor of Spirit River, Alberta. - source

A Great Pyrenees dog named Duke was the mayor of Cormorant Village, Minnesota, for four years, having been elected four terms in a row. He retired in 2018 due to falling health. He passed away in early 2019 at the age of 13. - source

In 1990 the Providence Journal tested five candidates for mayor with the city-management computer game SimCity. Buddy Cianci, the most successful, won election that year.

A small town in Minnesota elected a 4-year-old boy as its mayor. It's a one dollar entry fee into the race, and the mayor is "elected" by drawing names out of a hat. - source

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Jacksonville, Fla., was the winter filming capital of the early US movie industry but conservative residents objected, a mayor was elected on anti-movie platform, and so the industry moved on to Southern California

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Giuseppe Zangara assassinated the mayor of Chicago in 1933. But, he was standing on a wobbly chair and so missed his real target, the man next to him - President elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR was saved by a faulty folding chair.

In 1854, the Mayor of Los Angeles resigned to lead a lynch mob and then was re-elected

There is a town in southern California that recently elected a Golden Retriever as their mayor.

The 1916 Umatilla Petticoat Rebellion, a stealth write-in campaign by newly enfranchised women voters that elected female candidates to every open seat of an Oregon town government, with the mayor losing office to his wife.

Jerry Springer resigned from the Cincinnati City Council for soliciting a prostitute, and the people liked him so much he was later elected mayor of the city

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The town of Dorset, Minnesota does not elect its mayors. Instead, the town's residents' names are put into a hat, and the name drawn out is appointed as mayor. As a result, in 2013, 4-year-old Robert Tufts became the youngest mayor in history when his name was drawn.

Dorset, Minnesota, a town with 22 citizens that selects it's mayor by picking a name out of a hat. Two of their last four mayors were 'elected' when they were 3 years old.

Duke, the Great Pyrenees, has been elected not once, not twice, but three times as mayor of Cormorant, MN, US. And that he’s not the only animal current serving as an elected city official.

The Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario was 94 years old when she retired in 2014. Elected in 1978, she was the longest serving Mayor in the city’s history(36 years). Not only was she an Independent politician, but also a professional Hockey player in the mid 20th century

A dog beat two people in a mayoral election and served as mayor for 13 years.

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Pasquale Caggiano, who ran in, and lost, six separate elections in Massachusetts. He also ran for Mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts seven times. He finally won on his last attempt, only to die three months into his term.

A dog named Bosco defeated two humans to be elected honorary mayor of Sunol, California in 1981, and served until 1994.

In 1967 a brand of foot powder was elected mayor of a town in Ecuador

Amsterdam has a Mayor of the Night, an official specifically elected to promote and assist in governing the night life of the city and it’s outskirts

In 1986 Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of a small town in California. The focal point of his campaign was to overturn the "ice cream cone law."

Susanna M. Salter, the first female mayor in the US, was elected in 1887 because a group of men put her name on the ballot in the hopes that a defeat would deter other women from running for office.

During a 1967 mayoral election in Picpaza, Ecuador, a foot powder brand called Pulvapies decided to run an ad campaign with the slogan "Vote for any candidate, but if you want well-being and hygiene, vote for Pulvapies" and ended up wining the majority vote for mayor.

Oscar Goodman was the defense attorney for some of Vegas’ most notorious crime bosses including Meyer Lansky and Lefty Rosenthal, the inspirations behind Hyman Roth from The Godfather Part II and Ace Rothstein from Casino, respectively. Goodman was later elected mayor of Las Vegas.

In 1980 Bernie Sanders was elected as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He served as mayor until 1989 when he chose not to seek re-election.

Milwaukee is the only city in America to have elected three members of the Socialist Party of America to be their mayor

The first woman mayor elected in the United States was elected to office in Argonia, Kansas, in 1887.

Saucisse (1998–2014, "sausage" in French) a dachshund in France who gained fame in France as the protagonist of a book series. He also was a candidate in the 2001 mayoral elections of the city of Marseille.

An Italian man was elected mayor of a town by accident. He only ran so the election would count to ensure his friend was elected.

Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of Carmel, California in 1986 and he ran on the platform of ice cream.

'The City of London' which is an independent city located in the middle of London. It elects its own mayor and has its own currency.

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