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The first female state senator elected in the United States was a Mormon polygamous wife who ran against and defeated her own husband.

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After Warren Harding’s Teapot Dome scandal the House and Senate were given subpoena power for review of tax records of any US citizen without regard to elected or appointed position, nor subject to White House interference.

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  1. When President Carter supported racial equality in the 1950s, his peanut farm was boycotted. He ran against the Sheriff for a new local senate seat, losing to the Sheriff. Apon challenging the loss, they discovered his opponent was committing voter fraud. A new election was held, and Carter won

  2. Japanese masked pro-wrestler, The Great Sasuke, kept his mask on when elected to senate.

  3. Since 2000, the license plates of the District of Columbia (whose residents pay taxes to the federal government, but do not elect representatives or senators to congress) have featured the slogan "Taxation Without Representation".

  4. After George Washington was elected president, no one knew what to call him. One senator suggested "Most Illustrious and Excellent President." John Adams proposed "Your Most Benign Highness" and "His Highness, the President of the United States, and Protector of the Rights of the Same."

  5. Mel Carnahan won the 2000 U.S. Senate election in Missouri against the incumbent, John Ashcroft, despite passing away in a plane crash three weeks before election day.

  6. Augustus was never formally declared emperor. He simply ran for election in every branch of government between 32BC-13BC, winning every election. He was simultaneously Consul, Proconsul, Senator, High Priest, Tribune, etc...

  7. When US Senator Henry Styles Bridges Bridges threatened to publicize the homosexuality of US Senator Lester Hunt’s son if Hunt did not withdraw from the upcoming senatorial election in Wyoming, Hunt eventually became so despondent he committed suicide at his desk in his Senate Office.

  8. "The Night of the Long Prawns". In 1974, the Australian government planned to have a senator resign as part of a plan to improve its chances of winning a majority in the next election. By keeping the senator busy with alcohol and shrimp, the opposition prevented him from resigning on time.

  9. A dictator was originally an elected office appointed by the Roman Senate in times of crisis to give someone temporary emergency powers.

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Senate 114: Missed Votes by Party, Next Election Year

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Missed Votes by Party, Next Election Year (US Senate 114)

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Mississippi elected a black senator in 1870

In 1942 Jimmy Carter won the election for Georgia State Senate. Initially his opponent was declared the winner but it was proven that there had been voter fraud committed and Jimmy was declared the rightful winner.

He was elected to the U.S. Senate in a special election on March 4, 1875.

Marco Rubio was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2009. There are only three Latino Americans serving in the United States Senate, including Marco Rubio.

Richard Nixon was elected to the United States Senate in 1950, from his home state of California.

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He was elected to the Senate as a member of the Whig Party in 1836. He served as a senator for seven years.

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There is a 100 year old group of fraternity members at the University of Alabama called "The Machine" (with alumni rumored to include US senators) that has rigged local government elections, been investigated by the FBI for tapping phones, and forced a local business to shut down

The highest political office Cicero attained was as consul in 63 BC. Roman consuls were somewhat like modern prime ministers in that they were elected by the Senate to be the head of state, but they were also like modern presidents because they were the commander-in-chief of the Roman military.

In 1920 Paul Deschanel was forced to resign as President of France and committed to a sanitarium. Upon his release three months later he was elected to the senate in 1921.

Hampton was elected United States Senator from South Carolina in 1878 and held that office until 1891.

The Congress created the Electoral Commission on January 29, 1876 to settle the election: five members were from the Democrat majority House, five from the Republican majority Senate, and five members of the Supreme Court.

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Political Forecast Map for 2020 Senate Elections by Yours Truly... Thoughts?... Based on Previous election data alongside viability of potential General Election Challengers...

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Visual History of United States Senate Elections

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In 2015 Marco Rubio announced that instead of running for re-election to the U.S. Senate he would seek the opportunity to run in the presidential election, as a Republican candidate for the nomination.

Stephens was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1866, but he was refused a seat due to his former association with the Confederacy.

In 1899 Warren G Harding decided to run for Ohio State Senator. He served as US Senator from 1915 to 1921. He also was elected as lieutenant governor of Ohio.

Walter Mondale, former presidential candidate who only won his home state of Minnesota, lost it's senate election in 2002, becoming the only politician to lose every state in the country

The term "Gerrymander" was created in 1812, in direct reference to Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry's effort to redraw state senate election districts. The perimeter of one of the resulting districts resembled the outline of a very curvy salamander.

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In 1998, Byron "Low Tax" Looper received 1,500 votes in a Tennessee state senate election despite the fact that he had murdered his opponent.

14 years ago today, MO Gov. Mel Carnahan was killed in a plane crash. Two weeks later he became the first dead man elected to the US Senate.

The 81st and 82nd congress's was special in that 4 future presidents, with 2 in the senate (Johnson, Nixon) and 2 in the house (Kennedy, Ford), were serving at the same time. This lasted from Fords swearing in in 1949 to Nixon being elected as vice president in 1952.

Of the 1,950 people elected to the United States' Senate, only nine have been African American.

U.S. Senators are divided into Three "Classes" that determine in which year Senators in each state are elected. Each state's Senators must be in different classes.

Kaskaskia, a town in Illinois with a population of 14 people. Despite its small population, notable residents include a U.S. Senator, a Governor, a civil war General, the first Black person elected to Congress, and a famous Outlaw.

Pierce lost the re-election and Jefferson Davis returned to an elected Senate seat in 1857.

The first black senator in America was elected five years after the end of slavery.

Although citizens in the Roman Republic could technically vote for Senate positions, their votes were grouped into electoral blocs by net worth. Wealthier blocs had more power and voted earlier, so a tiny group could dominate the election.

The first African American and Asian American senators, who were elected 90 years apart, were both named Hiram - a rather uncommon name.

U.S Senator Benjamin Tillman was nicknamed “Pitchfork Ben”, and led a paramilitary group of Red Shirts during South Carolina's violent 1876 election, and South Carolina's 1895 constitution, which disenfranchised most of the black majority and ensured white rule for more than half a century.

Before the 17th Amendment was adopted in 1913, senators were chosen by state legislatures rather than elected by the people they represented like we do today.

After the Civil War, Jefferson Davis still had a pretty comfortable life. He became president of the Carolina Life Insurance Company, was elected to the US Senate (although was barred from federal office) and turned down the opportunity to be the president of Texas A&M.

Old Crow bourbon whiskey was once so highly prized that promising a drink from the remaining original stock helped secure the re-election for Kentucky senator, Joseph Clay Stiles Blackburn in 1890

About Lester C. Hunt, a Senator from Wyoming and critic of McCarthyism, who committed suicide after his son was arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer and it was to be used against him in his re-election campaign, which led to McCarthyism getting a more negative view

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