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Winston Churchill entered the UK Parliament in 1900 as a Conservative. He defected to the Liberal Party in 1904 but returned to the Conservatives in 1924, saying "Anyone can rat, but it takes a certain ingenuity to re-rat."

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The British Tory Party (AKA the Conservative Party) derive their name from an old Irish insult "tóraidhe" which meant"robber" or "outlaw".

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  1. The first reference to May 4th and Star Wars occurred on May 4th, 1979. Margaret Thatcher became the United Kingdom's Prime Minister that day and her Conservative party congratulated her with an ad in the newspaper The London Evening News that said, "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations."

  2. The Guanajuatense people are generally more socially and politically conservative than Mexicans in general. The center right National Action Party (PAN) enjoys widespread support in Guanajuato, with its current governor and both Senators both being members of the party.

  3. Thatcher rose quickly to a leadership role in the Conservative Party, but never believed that she would be prime minister. She is quoted as saying, "There will not be a woman prime minister in my lifetime - the male population is too prejudiced.

  4. Thatcher became the leader of the opposition in 1975 until the Conservative Party came to power in 1979.

  5. For most of the world, Red is the color of socialism or communism, while in the US it represents the Republicans, the conservative party. Similarly, blue typically means conservative, but in the US, it represents Democrats, the left-wing party.

  6. Once the war began, George became the prime minister by leading a wartime coalition of Liberal Party members and member of the Conservative Party. Other members of the Liberal Party supported Prime Minister H.H. Asquith, who George replaced.

  7. Through gerrymandering, Sir Joh Bjelke-petersen is the longest serving premier of Queensland. He consistently won over 19 yrs despite having the smallest # of votes among the 3 leading parties. Known as the hillybilly dictator, he is famous for his use of police & popularity with conservatives.

  8. In the 1980s that a powerful ring of MPs and ministers were sexually abusing teenage boys in sex parties in Elm Guest House in London. Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens gave a dossier of names of paeodphiles associated with Parliament. It was "lost" by the home secretary, Leon Brittan.

  9. There used to be an established conservative wing of the Democratic Party.

  10. Winston Churchill lost the 1945 general election in a landslide. The 12.0% national swing from the Conservative Party to the Labour Party remains the largest ever achieved in a British general election.

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"Tory", the common term for a member of the British conservative party, is derived from the Irish word "tóraí", meaning outlaw, criminal

"Tory" (supporters of the UK Conservative party) was originally a term for Irish outlaws, and gradually became associated with pro-monarchistic groups - source

In 1951 the Conservative party won a majority in the British Parliament opposing the creation of the National Health Service, but gave up repealing it when the NHS proved too popular. - source

After West Germany was formed, conservative parties in the country suggested that its flag be a Nordic Cross design, like Sweden or Finland's flags, in the German black red and gold.

The founder of the conservative political party fell off a horse and died - source

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The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan is actually conservative

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Oliver Baldwin ran for parliament as a member of the Labour Party whilst his father was serving as the Conservative Prime Minister

A conservative nationalist party allied with NSDAP in 1933, thus gaining control of the german Reichstag and helping Hitler pass the Reichstag Fire decree, which consolidated the power in Hitler's hands and led to his rise

In 2012, Justin Trudeau, then the leader of the liberal party, kick Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau's ass in a charity boxing match

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, fought in a boxing match (to raise money for cancer research) against a Conservative Party Senator. . . and won.

As a college student, David Cameron took part in the “Hang Mandela” campaign by the Federation of Conservative Students, the student wing of the Conservative Party.

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In America the Democratic(left wing) party is represented by the color blue, while the Republican(right wing) party's color is red. In Canada, this is reversed, where the Liberal(left wing) party's color is red while the Conservative(right wing) party is represented by the color blue.

Despite its name The Liberal Party of Australia, one of the 2 major parties in Australian politics, is a conservative centre-right political party.

The Conservative Party have borrowed far more than Labour over the last 70 years contrary to what corporate media have told us.

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Cecil Parkinson, the former chairman of the British Conservative party, got a court order forcing any public mention of his illegitimate daughter erased, including but not limited to school photographs, mentions of academic achievements at college, or appearing in school plays until she was 18.

About Lord Buckethead who has stood in three UK General Elections against three Conservative Party leaders and Prime Ministers

British Conservative (Tory) Party in 2013 deleted entire database of their speeches (including one where David Cameron claimed the importance of internet accessibility) and, essentially using a hacking tool, forced Internet Archive (based in San Francisco) to do the same.

The Canadian Conservative party has 54% of the seats in Government, despite only having 40% of the popular vote.

The ruling political party in Canada (the Conservative Party of Canada) initially named themselves the Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party, until someone pointed out to them that their acronym was the Canadian CRAP.

May the Fourth be with you', the catchphrase for Star Wars day, was first used by the Conservative party to congratulate Margaret Thatcher for winning the 1979 UK general election redirects to the Conservative Party of Canada

In 2007 Leader of the UK Conservative Party David Cameron called for young offenders to be barred from driving as part of a programme to tackle antisocial behaviour.

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