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The top flying ace for the United States during World War II was Dick Bong, who shot down 40 Japanese aircraft.

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America's Best Ace Pilot was Named Dick Bong

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  1. The so-called "Ace of the Aces." An American fighter pilot who had 40 wins, more than any other during during WWII. His name? Dick Bong.

  2. Major Dick Bong, who, believing his shooting accuracy to be poor, would fly so close to enemy to shoot that he eventually hit one, taking it down

  3. Dick Bong was the most decorated ACE of WWII. He died on the same day that the Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb was dropped, and still made it to the front page of the day's papers. His middle name was Ira.

  4. The top ace pilot for the US in WW2 was a guy named "Dick" Bong.

  5. Maj. Richard "Dick" Bong. He was the most proficient ace of the USAF in WW11. He has over 40 victories in the air, and received numerous awards including the Medal of Honor.

  6. The US proudly boasts a famous pilot named "Major Dick Bong" (It was a more innocent time)

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