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American WWII pilot Charlie Brown was struggling to keep his damaged bomber airborne in the skies over Germany in 1943 when Luftwaffe ace Hanz Stigler flew alongside. Instead of firing due to how much damage the bomber had taken as he thought it would be dishonorable, Stigler gave a salute.

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Franz Stigler, a German ace fighter pilot who risked his life to spare and then save the lives of 9 Americans by escorting their injured B-17 bomber out of Germany. The incident would later be called "the most incredible encounter between enemies in World War II."

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  1. In WWII, John T. "Mike" Wolf joined the navy to become a pilot. Even though he had poor eyesight, he passed his physical when the doctor got distracted and forgot to give him the eye exam. Lt. Wolf went on to become a highly decorated fighter pilot ace, shooting down 7 Japanese planes.

  2. The day after German WW1 ace Oswald Boelcke died from a crash landing following a midair collision, British pilots dropped a wreath at his airbase which read: "To the memory of Captain Boelcke, a brave and chivalrous foe."

  3. Maj. Gen. Doug Pearson became the only "space ace" when he shot down a satellite orbiting at 345 miles while piloting an F-15 on Sept. 13, 1985.

  4. German WWI ace German pilot Oswald Boelcke was so respected by his peers that the British Royal Flying Corps dispatched an aircraft to drop a wreath over his home airfield. He was so influential that his dogfighting tactics are still used today in modern aerial warfare.

  5. During the Battle of Britain, German ace Adolf Galland was asked what his pilots needed to defeat the British. He replied "I should like an outfit of Spitfires for my squadron"; Galland had found that the British fighter was much more maneuverable than his own Bf 109 aircraft.

  6. Chuck Yeager - first pilot to exceed Mach 1 - was shot down over France in WW2, taught bomb-making to Resistance groups who helped him, escaped into Spain, argued the high command into letting him back into combat against regulations, then became an Ace (bringing down 5 enemy aircraft) in 1 day.

  7. In Sept 1917, German pilot Werner Voss chose to attack 7 British aces, despite being outnumbered 7 to 1. He managed to dogfight for 10 minutes and score hits against every plane before being killed. He was 19.

  8. Remy Van Lierde, a Belgian pilot and fighter ace, spotted and photographed a Giant Congo Snake emerging from a hole as he flew over the forests, that he claimed was close to 50 feet in length.

  9. America's Best Ace Pilot was Named Dick Bong

  10. Douglas Bader, a British World War 2 pilot who had more than 22 aerial victories, survived being a P.O.W whilst attempting multiple escapes, befriended a German ace pilot... All whilst missing both his legs.

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The so-called "Ace of the Aces." An American fighter pilot who had 40 wins, more than any other during during WWII. His name? Dick Bong.

Adolph Malan, a South African flying ace, led the No. 74 Squadron RAF during the battle of Briton, known for sending bomber pilots home with dead crews as a warning to other German crews. When he returned home, he considered apartheid a Nazi ideal, and got involved in anti-apartheid movements. - source

The top U.S. ace pilot of World War 2 got his kills by flying his aircraft as close to his targets as possible before firing, often getting hit by their exploding remains and on one occasion colliding with his target. - source

Lydia Litvyak, the first of two WWII female fighter pilot aces, and the holder of the record for most kills by a female fighter pilot. She disappeared and was presumed dead at the age of 21 after a dogfight with German Messerchmitt 109s. - source

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Teddy Roosevelt had 4 sons, all of whom served in intense combat during WW1. One of whom (Archie) was so seriously injured that he was discharged with full disability, while another (Quentin) was an ace fighter pilot who was shot down and killed on Bastille Day.

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Douglas Bader was a legless flying ace (RAF) in WW2 . His success was partly because of his having no legs; pilots pulling high "g-forces" in combat often "blacked out" as the flow of blood from the brain to other body parts, usually the legs. As he had no legs he could remain conscious longer.

The best american fighter pilot of WWII (flying ace) was Major Dick Bong

Josef František, a Czech and one of the highest scoring aces in the Battle of Britain was considered an ill-disciplined pilot. Seen by his commanding officers as a danger to his colleagues when flying in formation, he fought his own private war flying over Kent. He shot down 17 German aircraft.

When Richard 'Bud' Peterson P-51 ace caught a Germen pilot shooting bomber crews who bailed out in their parachute. He forced the German pilot to bail out then unloaded his six 50 caliber guns into the German pilot.

Saburo Sakai. Japanese pilot. Shot in the brain. Blinded. Paralyzed. Looked for a US ship to Kamikaze. Flew 5 hours to get home with no instruments. Refused medical treatment until mission report completed. Had brain surgery without anesthetic. Became a fighter ace.

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In the 1960s, Hasbro prototype action figures named "Rocky" (marine/soldier) "Skip" (sailor) and "Ace" (pilot), soon became known by the universal name G.I. Joe.

Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, a Japanese ace figher pilot in WWII, recorded 36 aerial victories before seeing a premonition of his own death. He volunteered to participate in a kamikaze mission, was refused, and died as a passenger on a cargo plane the next day.

Military aviators earn the qualification "ace in a day" by shooting down 5 or more enemy aircraft in a single day. In 1965, a Pakistani Air Force pilot accomplished the feat in less than a minute.

In 2003 some Israeli pilots wrote a letter explaining their refusal to fly assassination missions over the occupied territories. Among the pilots was Brig. Gen. Yiftah Spector a figher ace 15 kills.

Terry Spencer, a British WW2 Spitfire pilot who destroyed a V-1 flying bomb by tipping it up with his wing, shot down a German Ace and holds the world record for the lowest authenticated survived bail-out: 30 feet (9.1 m). In the 60's he became a photo biographer of the Beatles.

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Werner Voss's last stand, an aerial battle between one German pilot and eight British aces that lasted eight minutes.

Russian pilot Alexander Pokryshkin is the most succesful fighter ace flying an American plane (47 victories)

Australia's top fighter ace of WW2, Clive Caldwell, had the nickname "Killer" because he shot enemy pilots who were descending by parachute and for his habit of using up left over ammo on ground targets

The top ace pilot for the US in WW2 was a guy named "Dick" Bong.

Hans-Ulrich Rudel, a Nazi ace pilot credited with 519 tank, 800 vehicle, and several battleship kills, who continued to fly in the war even after losing his leg

Canadian badass Harry 'Moose' Watson. A WW1 RAF fighter pilot ace, who then led Canada to win the first ever Olympic gold in hockey, in the worst beating in Olympic (Summer or Winter) history, with Canada outscoring it's opposition 132-3 over six games.

The highest scoring ace of the Vietnam War was Nguyễn Văn Cốc, a North Vietnamese MiG-21 pilot who shot down nine American aircraft.

Russian pilot Sergei Kramarenko secretly volunteered with the Chinese Air Force to fight in the Korean War. He latter became an Fighter Ace with 16 aerial victories.

Gottfried Freiherr von Banfield, the only pilot to achieve ace status in flying boats.

Franz Stigler, a Luftwaffe ace pilot escorted a crippled B-17 out of Germany because he didn't believe in "shooting at someone in a parachute".

Enzo Ferrari took the logo from an image of a red horse painted on the fuselage of Count Francesco Baracca, an ace pilot in the Italian air force and a World War I hero.

The most successful F-14 Tomcat pilot, and the last man to claim ace status was Iranian airforce pilot Jalil Zandi.

Adrian Warburton, a WWII RAF reconnaissance pilot, became an ace while flying the Martin Maryland, a light bomber.

American pilot Robert S. Johnson, whose P-47 was attacked by an Fw 190 that hit him with 21 20 mm exploding shells. He was later attacked by another Fw 190 flown by an ace who emptied *all* of his machine gun bullets into Johnson's plane. Johnson survived and was able to land.

Muhammad Mahmood Alam, a Pakistani pilot who became a flying ace (shot down 5 enemy planes) in less than one minute, 4 of which occurred in 30 seconds

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