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Hanns Scharff, German Luftwaffe's "master interrogator," instead of physical torture on POWs used techniques like nature walks, going out for a pleasant lunch, and swimming where the subject would reveal information on their own. He helped shape US interrogation techniques after the war.

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BBC News was broadcast to Nazi occupied Europe, with live Big Ben tolls. German physicists found a way to determine the weather conditions in London based on the bell tone, thus offering invaluable help to the Luftwaffe.

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  1. Belgian fort Eben-Emael was thought to be impregnable before WW2. The world's largest fortress was designed to stop a German invasion and take months to break. It was so large ... that in May 1940 the Luftwaffe landed gliders on its roof, and captured Eben-Emael from the top in 30 hours.

  2. Albert Günther Göring (9 March 1895 – 20 December 1966) was a German Businessman who helped Jew and dissidents survive in Germany during the Second World War. His older brother was Hermann Göring, the head of the German Luftwaffe and a leading member of the Nazi Party.

  3. In WWII, a German Luftwaffe pilot named Franz Stigler, refused orders to shoot down a crippled B-17 bomber and actually escorted the aircraft back to the English channel, so that German AA would not open fire. Franz then saluted the American pilot, and flew back to his home base.

  4. The German Luftwaffe operated 24 helicopters during WW2. Many of the craft's first missions were flown by a single pilot until later in the war.

  5. With the introduction of the Eurofighter Typhoon, the German Luftwaffe sold its MiG-29s to the Polish Air Force for the symbolic price of 1€ apiece.

  6. A German Luftwaffe fighter pilot, after seeing a severely damaged B-17 bomber limping back to base, decided against firing on it and instead escorted it partially home.

  7. Former members of the German Luftwaffe served as ground crews in Berlin.

  8. The German spy Hermann Goetz parachuted into Ireland in 1940 to enlist the assistance of the IRA with a German invasion of Britain. Goetz walked into a police barracks in Co Wicklow to ask directions to Dublin, he was not apprehended even though he was wearing a Luftwaffe uniform at the time

  9. In 2003, the German Luftwaffe sold 22 MiG-29s to Poland... for 1€ each

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On December 20th, 1943 a luftwaffe pilot by the name of Franz Stigler flying a BF 109 spared and escorted a heavily damaged American B 17f piloted by 2nd Lt. Charles "charlie" Brown out of German controlled airspace so he could make it back to base and land in England

During the Russian encirclement of the German 6th Army in Stalingrad, when the army could only be supplied by air, the Luftwaffe flew in things like grenade covers (but no grenades), wine that froze and shattered the bottles, and condoms. - source

The notion that carrots give you better eyesight was started by Britain in WWII. They said they allowed John "Cats' Eyes" Cunningham to shoot down Germans at night. It was in fact propaganda used to conceal the fact that Britain was using radar to locate Luftwaffe bombers during the night. - source

The Polish Air Force put up a heck of a fight when the Germans invaded in 1939. Warsaw's Pursuit Brigade actually actually defeated the Luftwaffe in the first air battle of World War II and held out for a week, despite their obsolete bi-planes and fewer pilots

Kampfgeschwader 200 a German Luftwaffe special operations unit that flew captured Allied planes. - source

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German Luftwaffe and Panzer crews were given chocolate spiked with methamphetamine in order to induce extended wakefulness

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Herman Goring pardoned Erhard Milch (head of aircraft procurement Luftwaffe) when his Jewish origins were questioned. Herman Goring issued Milch a German Blood Certificate and famously stated ""Wer Jude ist, bestimme ich" ("I decide who is a Jew")

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