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First Nations Francis "Peggy" Pegahmagabow, the most effective sniper of WWI, volunteered for service despite the Canada government's exclusion of Aboriginal people in the army. With a kill record of 378, Peggy once ran into No-Mans Land to retrieve ammo when his company ran out.

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About Francis Pegahmagabow, a canadian indigenous man who fought in WWI. He killed 378 enemies with his Ross rifle and captured another 300, which makes him one of the most successful marksmen in the conflict.

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  1. About Francis Pegahmagabow, a First Nations soldier who was an expert marksman and scout in WWI, becoming the most decorated First Nations soldier in Canadian military history

  2. Francis Pegahmagabow, serving with the Canadian military, is considered the most effective sniper in WWI - 378 kills and 300 captures

  3. About the best sniper if WW1 and a complete badass, Francis Pegahmagabow, of the Canadian army and the most highly decorated 'aboriginal' soldier of the war.

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