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The iconic 'scream' made by WW2 dive bombers is produced by two separate acoustic devices mounted to the wings, known as a 'Jericho Trumpet(s)' and serve no purpose beyond intimidation.

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James Howard. WW2 P-51 Mustang fighter pilot who defended his bombers, alone, against 30 Luftwaffe planes, even diving on them when he'd run out of ammunition, until they were driven away.

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  1. Peregrine falcons attack like missiles: using the same steering rules, and diving down at extreme speed to gain control. All this to capture its highly agile and wildly maneuvering prey. They also mate for life and have the same profile as a B-2 Bomber.

  2. During the Battle of Midway, Austin Merrill flew to attack a Japanese carrier force. Along the way, he lost his bomb due to a malfunction of his dive bomber. Despite this, he dove on the fleet in order to draw anti-aircraft fire away from his squadron. He received the Navy Cross for this action.

  3. Following the Battle of Midway, the Japanese destroyer Tanikaze was attacked by 61 dive bombers without a single direct hit due to aggressive maneuvering by the captain.

  4. The WW2 dive bomber cartoon-ish plane sound was actually a siren used for psychological warfare

  5. Wailing sound of dive bombers Ju 87 is produced by propeller-driven siren to intimidate enemies

  6. The German Stuka dive bombers, which were so successful against ground troops in previous battles, suffered high casualties due to their low speed and were phased out after the first month. The Germans relied on high altitude level bombers for most of the remainder of the battle.

  7. James E Swett, a Marine Hellcat pilot in WWII who downed 7 Japanese dive bombers and earned the Congressional Medal of Honor on his first combat mission.

  8. James E. Swett, a Marine fighter pilot who shot down 7 Japanese dive bombers during WWII in just 15 minutes. He went on to shoot down a total of 16 planes during the war. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery.

  9. The WWII US dive bomber SB2C Helldiver was called the "son-of-a-bitch second class" by it's pilots, partly for it's designation and partly because of its difficult flying characteristics.

  10. World War II was the first war where air power played an extensive and often decisive role in battles. In the practice of blitzkrieg, German fighters first established air superiority, which allowed for bombers to dislodge enemy infantry positions and destroy enemy airfields and ports. The 'stuka" dive bomber played a key role in taking out enemy infantry and tanks, creating an element of fear with its screeching siren in the process.

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The Japanese attacked with 353 aircraft, including 79 fighters, 131 dive-bombers, 103 level bombers, and 40 torpedo planes.

About the Neuhammer accident, a widely unknown mass crash of german Stuka bombers 80 years ago. In August 1939, only about two weeks before the beginning of WWII, 13 Junkers Ju-87 dive bombers crashed into the ground during a dive-bombing demonstration on a training area near Neuhammer. - source

The high-pitched noise we associate with dive bombers was caused by sirens on the plane's wings, not the plane itself. - source

There are only 2 WW2 German Stukas (Ju 87 Dive Bomber) conserved in the museums. - source

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On 15 August 1939 during a demonstration flight to Nazi generals, a formation of 13 Ju-87 dive bombers ploughed into the ground en masse, whilst diving through lower-than-expected cloud cover (!).

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The famous diving sound used in movies when airplanes are falling is actually a Jericho Trumpet only used by German dive bombers to scare enemies

USS Brownson was a Fletcher-class destroyer of the U.S Navy commissioned on 3 February 1943. On December 1943, Brownson was hit by two bombs from a Japanese dive bomber. Brownson suffered the loss of 108 of her crew.

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