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Owen J. Baggett became legendary as the only person to down a Japanese aircraft with a M1911 pistol hitting the pilot in the head while he was parachuting

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In WW2, Owen Baggett shot down a Japanese Zero with a M1911 .45 caliber pistol. He killed the pilot who had just shot down his B24. The Zero had returned to kill the airmen who had parachuted out. Baggett, wounded, played dead until the plane got close enough and then he shot the pilot.

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  1. Owen J. Baggett, an American pilot in WW2 became the first pilot to shoot down an enemy aircraft while parachuting with an M1911 pistol

  2. 2nd Lt Owen J Baggett was the only man credited to down a aircraft with a pistol, while hanging from a parachute during WWII

  3. 2nd Lieutenant Owen Baggett who shot down an airplane with a pistol while hanging from a parachute during WW2

  4. During WWII, an American soldier named Owen J. Baggett, shot down an aircraft using a pistol while parachuting.

  5. About Owen Baggett, a US pilot during WWII that shot the pilot of a Japanese fighter with his 1911 after bailing his damaged B-24.

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In World War 2, Owen Baggett was the only person so shoot down a plane with a pistol, hitting the pilot in the head.

2nd Lt. Owen J. Baggett of the 7th bomb group shot down a Japanese Zero with only his Colt 1911 after his B24 was intercepted - source

During WWII, 2nd Lt Owen J. Baggett shot down a Japanese fighter using his M1911 pistol while descending in his parachute after he was attacked by Japanese fighters who tried to kill him while still in his parachute. - source

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