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About fighter ace Lt. Col. Louis E Curdes who received credit for shooting down planes from all 3 signatories of the Axis Pact before being credited with the "kill" of an American transport with his future wife onboard to stop them from mistakenly landing at a Japanese airfield, thus saving them

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US WWII pilot Louis Edward Curdes who holds the unique distinction of scoring official air-to-air kills against German, Italian, Japanese and American aircraft. He later dated a survivor of the American plane he shot down.

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  1. Decorated WWII US Army Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Louis Curdes heroically shot down a US plane

  2. Lt Col Louis E. Curdes is one of the few WWII aces to have kills against all 3 Axis countries, got a distingushed flying cross for shooting down an American C-47, and married one of the C-47's passengers

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