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Douglas Bader was a pilot who could sustain more G-Forces in combat because he had no legs.

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Douglas Bader, a British World War 2 pilot who had more than 22 aerial victories, survived being a P.O.W whilst attempting multiple escapes, befriended a German ace pilot... All whilst missing both his legs.

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  1. Douglas Bader was a legless flying ace (RAF) in WW2 . His success was partly because of his having no legs; pilots pulling high "g-forces" in combat often "blacked out" as the flow of blood from the brain to other body parts, usually the legs. As he had no legs he could remain conscious longer.

  2. Douglas Bader, an RAF ace who flew during WW2 despite losing both his legs in an air crash in 1331. After being captured he proved such a nusiance to the Nazis that they threatened to take away his prosthetic legs, and then sent him to Colditz until he was liberated by US forces.

  3. In 1941 when Douglas Bader (a legless ace) lost one of His Prosthetic Legs While Bailing Out of His Damaged Aircraft His German Captors Allowed The RAF To Deliver a New One, Promising Safe Passage. After the Bombers Delivered the New Leg They Continued on to a Bombing Mission.

  4. About Douglas Bader, a legless pilot with the RAF during World War II. After being imprisoned by the Nazis following a crash, British pilots flew a mission to drop a new pair of prosthetic legs to replace his damaged set.

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