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Flying ace Erich Hartmann. Destroyed 352 enemy planes. Crashed 14 times due to mechanical or debris damage from planes he killed. Never once shot down.

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A WWII German fighter pilot that shot down 352 enemy aircraft and crash landed 14 times, all due to mechanical failure or getting hit by debris from a plane he downed. Credited with having the most aerial combat victories, Erich Hartmann earned the nickname "Black Devil".

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  1. Nazi Germany's best flying ace (Erich Hartmann) had over 350 confirmed air victories and the United States best flying ace "only" had 40 confirmed air victories in WWII. 371 out of 400 flying aces are from Nazi Germany as well.

  2. When Luftwaffe pilot (and the most successful in aviation history) Erich Hartmann was taken P.O.W by the Soviets, he lied about throwing all his war medals away. In reality, he hid them at the bottom of a small stream, still there 10 years later.

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