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A WWII German fighter pilot that shot down 352 enemy aircraft and crash landed 14 times, all due to mechanical failure or getting hit by debris from a plane he downed. Credited with having the most aerial combat victories, Erich Hartmann earned the nickname "Black Devil".

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The Red Baron's brother, Lothar, and his cousin, Wolfram, both enlisted in the Imperial German Air Service and were flying aces. Total aerial victories for the Richthofen family amounted to 128, including at least 12 British Aces.

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  1. Douglas Bader, a British World War 2 pilot who had more than 22 aerial victories, survived being a P.O.W whilst attempting multiple escapes, befriended a German ace pilot... All whilst missing both his legs.

  2. Hermann Göring achieved 22 aerial victories during World War I even suffering a serious wound to the hip during one dogfight which took him a year to recover from.

  3. Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, a Japanese ace figher pilot in WWII, recorded 36 aerial victories before seeing a premonition of his own death. He volunteered to participate in a kamikaze mission, was refused, and died as a passenger on a cargo plane the next day.

  4. German Pilot Gunther Plüschow who made the first aerial victory in aviation history when he shot a plane down with his pistol and was the only man in either world war to escape from Britain to Germany.

  5. Russian pilot Sergei Kramarenko secretly volunteered with the Chinese Air Force to fight in the Korean War. He latter became an Fighter Ace with 16 aerial victories.

  6. The 1st aerial victory in aviation history took place in 1914 when Gunther Pluschow downed an enemy plane with his luger pistol

  7. About the 1st aerial victory in aviation history, when Gunther Pluschow shot down a Japanese plane with his handheld luger pistol in 1914.

  8. John Herbert Hedley, a World War I British flying ace credited with eleven aerial victories. He survived a bizarre flying mishap which earned him the moniker "The Luckiest Man Alive." Hedley also survived uninjured after his plane was shot down in 1918.

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