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Former Las Angeles Chief of Police, Daryl Gates, once said at a Senate hearing that casual drug users "should be taken out and shot" because "we are in a war" and casual drug use "is treason."

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Daryl Gates, the Police Chief of the LAPD at the time of Rodney King's beating, was given the Ig Nobel prize for peace "for his uniquely compelling methods of bringing people together."

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  1. Although the LAPD was the first to create a modern-day SWAT under Daryl Gates, the first SWAT was actually established by the Philadelphia Police Department in 1964 as a 100 man unit in response to the increasing numbers of bank robberies.

  2. LAPD Lt. Michael Moulin was entirely scapegoated by Police Chief Daryl Gates for pulling officers from and not clearing a riot-prone area on the 1st day of the 1992 LA riots. Gates was at a political fundraising event that day for the entire night instead of coordinating at the LAPD headquarters

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