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The Minneapolis Skyway System, a system of footbridges that connects shops, restaurants, and residential buildings over an area of 80 full city blocks. It allows residents to live, work, and shop without ever leaving the Skyway system.

Pilots departing from California's John Wayne Airport are required by law to cut their engines and pitch nose down shortly after takeoff for about 6 miles in order to reduce noise in the residential area below.

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  1. There is a residential area in Stockholm, Sweden just north of the Stockholm University that has a tradition whereby at 10 PM every Tuesday the residents open their windows and scream for several minutes to relieve stress caused by university exams.

  2. Despite its protection as a World Heritage Site there are still threats to Daintree Rainforest including climate change, the introduction of feral animals into the rainforest, weed growth, and development of residential areas which brings a whole new set of problems into the ecosystem.

  3. During the War of 1812 the British burned Washington D.C. to the ground but left the residential areas untouched and also spared the home of the Commandant of the Marines, located on Marine Barracks, as a sign of respect.

  4. In 1942, a company in St Louis, MO began processing radioactive material for use in the Manhattan Project. The waste was illegally dumped in a landfill in a residential area in St. Louis, and a SubSurface Smoldering Event (the landfill is on fire) is encroaching on the nuclear waste.

  5. North Korean's UK embassy is a house in a residential area on the outskirts of London

  6. About "Mulchie", an 8-story tall, 800 ft mulch Pile in a residential area of San Antonio that caught fire and burned for 3 months before fire fighters managed to put it out.

  7. Juan Matamoros - after a night of bar-hopping, he was desperate to use the toilet. He ended up relieving himself by the side of a road in a residential area, a deed that resulted in him being sentenced to 2 years in prison and required to register as a sex offender.

  8. In 1985 Philadelphia Police dropped a bomb in a residential area to break a 24 hour siege. The resulting fire spread to more than 60 houses in the area.

  9. Compton has an airfield cramped in between a residential area.

  10. Philedelphia bombed it's own residential area in 1985. The mayor approved the bombing to subdue the MOVE black libertarian group. The bombing started a fire that destroyed 65 homes and killed eleven people, including five children.

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The area of Tarzana in Los Angeles was named after fictional character Tarzan. Tarzana is a residential community mostly on the former site of a ranch owned by Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs

Deira Islands, located in Dubai, UAE, "is a scaled-back version of the Palm Deira which will be home to 16 residential buildings, two hotels and two service apartment complexes covering an area of nine million square feet - equivalent to the size of 118 international-standard football fields." - source

There's a water pump station in a residential area of Raleigh, NC that's disguised to look like an ordinary house so it blends into the neighborhood like any other home. - source

In 1951 South Africa's Group Areas Act came into effect. The Act forcefully segregated South African residential areas along racial and ethnic lines designating residential areas for Africans, Whites, Indians, and Coloureds with Whites receiving the best located properties.

In 1985 Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a residential area during a standoff. - source

Yesterday in 1985, West Philadelphia police bombed a residential area known to contain a radical group, killing 11 people including 5 children and destroying 65 homes

The term "rat-racing," where drivers take residential streets to avoid highway traffic. During rush hours, residential areas and businessses around onramps can be shut down for hours.

There's a residential area in Beijing that is built to copy the atmosphere of my home city, Vancouver, Canada.

Compton has a small airport cramped in a residential area.

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