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Reginald Denny, a dump truck driver, was pulled from his truck by L.A. rioters who smashed his head with a five-pound piece of medical equipment, a slab of concrete and a claw hammer, fracturing his skull in 91 places. The six assailants were cleared of all serious charges.

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Construction truck driver, Reginald Denny, was pulled from his vehicle and beaten nearly to death by four rioters when he accidentally drove through the L.A. riots in 1992, which permanently altered his ability to speak and drive.

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  1. OJ Simpson attorney Johnny Cochran famous for african American civil rights cases was approached to represent “The LA Four” who infamously beat trucker Reginald Denny during the LA riots. He turned down the offer, and opted to represented Denny in a civil suit against the LAPD.

  2. Henry Keith Watson, one of the LA Four that crippled construction worker Reginald Denny during the LA Riots, was asked if he regretted what he had done and if he could turn back the clock would he have behaved differently. Watson shook his head and replied "no."

  3. The "L.A. Four" that beat Reginald Denny during the L.A. Riots, two went back to jail for drugs and murder, and one was murdered himself

  4. When Reginald Denny a truck driver who was pulled out of his big rig during LA Riots & then beaten to point he had brain damage, people pickpocketed him as he laid dying on the tarmac.

  5. About the four rescuers who saved truck driver Reginald Denny during the 1992 LA riots.

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