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In Stringtown, Oklahoma, population 400, 76 percent of the town's 2013 budget came from traffic tickets. After a state investigation into excessive speed trapping the town's police department was disbanded.

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As part of a program for improving community relations in the UK, The Avon and Somerset police department hired a race relations advisor to educate cops on race issues. He was later tased by officers after they mistook him for a wanted man.

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  1. In 2016 news anchor Anderson Cooper donated bullet proof vests to every K9 unit in the Virginia Police Department after finding out that a police dog was shot and killed during a shootout.

  2. A police department in Michigan staged a fake wedding - with undercover cops acting as the bride and groom - and invited local drug dealers to attend. At the reception, they busted them all at once.

  3. A man named Robert Wiggen, who spent 3 years in prison, started a website that posts mug shots taken from police department websites and makes them easily searchable on sites like Google and then charges money to have the images removed. His own mug shot is absent from the site.

  4. Some police departments in the U.S. are starting to create Internet Purchase Exchange Locations so that Craigslist or similar transactions can be conducted in an area with video surveillance and police presence and keep participating parties safe.

  5. People who turn in their drugs to the Gloucester Mass. Police Department and ask for help won’t be arrested, they’ll be rehabilitated.

  6. In 1998 Sean Penn was taken hostage in a police department holding cell and dragged outside by gunpoint only to learn the whole thing was an elaborate prank by Woody Harrelson

  7. Until recently, The Honolulu Police Department were able to legally have sex with prostitutes while being undercover.

  8. The Tallahassee Police Department ( the tow where Florida State University is located) pressured a student, Rachel Hoffman, into being an informant for a drug sting in 2008. Rachel's TPD handlers lost track of her during the sting. Rachel's body was found two days later in Perry, FL.

  9. After blogger Jeff Pataky wrote about the incompetence of the Phoenix police department, the Phoenix PD raided his home, seized his laptop, backups and cable modem, handcuffed and detained his female roommate for over three hours, and took his sons out of elementary school.

  10. In 1984 the FBI declared the Key West Police Department a criminal enterprise, and several high-ranking officers were arrested for running a protection racket for cocaine smugglers.

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A 12-year-old Ethiopian girl was snatched by four men on her way home from school. A week later, three lions encountered the group and chased the men off. The lions stayed with the girl without harming her, before departing as police searching for her came near.

Since 1995, 7-Eleven has provided more than 6 million coupons to police departments across the country to "ticket" young people "caught in random acts of kindness" dubbed Operation Chill. - source

The film trucks used on the film "The Warriors" were “protected” by a real gang called The Mongrels for $500 a day. A member of the gang approached the film crew and said “we’d love to protect them for you.” A gang mediator from the police department told the crew to pay them. - source

Courts have ruled that it's legal for police departments to discriminate against smart people when hiring

That, until recently, the Houston, TX police department regularly used Whataburger order numbers to mark crime scenes. - source

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A man got a job as the chief of police with falsified credentials which included a picture of a fake Los Angeles Police Department badge bearing the serial number 714, rightfully belonging to the fictional Sgt. Joe Friday of "Dragnet."

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That in addition Fire Department red and Police red and blue, some states reserve purple lights expressly for funeral procession escort vehicles.

Elvis Presley was an official captain of the Memphis Police Department and even had dashboard police lights for his cars. He was known for pulling people over and lecturing them on safety before giving them an autograph and letting them go.

Some Canadian police departments give out "positive tickets" to thank people for doing something good.

Miami Police Department uses fixed microphones throughout the city and a special software to automatically pick up any gun shots and triangulate their origin to a couple of meters accuracy. Allowing them to immediately dispatch Officers there.

In 2016 Alberto Lopez stole about $5,000 working for the Bank of America. A warrant for his arrest was issued so he moved and kept avoiding the police. He was eventually caught when he went to a job interview as a dispatcher with the... Police Department.

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Police departments are hiring Drug sniffing Rabbits because they're cheaper in adoption, and maintenance in comparison to k9 units.

In 2009, Chicago Police Department went retraining because of one teenage boy impersonated a cop and worked full shift

The FBI once circulated to police departments, people who make frequent reference to the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights may be terrorists

Huntington Beach Police Department recently released more than 100 photos of possible victims of Serial Killer Rodney Alcala. He took the photos himself, and they want help identifying possible victims. See if you recognize anyone.

The world's longest-lasting light bulb has been working for at least 114 years. It was first installed in 1901 and it is maintained by the Livermore-Pleasanton Police Department

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The Honolulu Police Departments police cruisers are required to have their blue steady lights on when they are on duty to so people are aware where police officers are.

In 2007 Boston Police Department shut down waterways, highways, and bridges after mistakenly identifing battery-powered LED placards of characters from the Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force as improvised explosive devices. The devices were being used as a guerrilla marketing campaign.

The FBI ran COINTELPRO, an illegal series of projects operated to suppress "subversive" movements like civil rights (including MLK) or growing third parties. These targets faced tricks like psychological warfare, killings (together with police departments), and slander through newspapers.

US courts have ruled that police departments can refuse to hire someone considered to be 'too smart.'

New York City paid $500 million to settle claims against its police department over just five years

In 1910, Alice Stebbins Wells was sworn in as the first policewoman in the United States by the Los Angeles Police Department and was issued a standard badge. When she was accused of impersonating her husband, LAPD presented her with "Policewoman's Badge Number One".

The Canadian Police Department gives out "positive tickets" when they see people doing something positive.

The Oakland Police Department spent $15,000 to modify the tailpipes of their Harley motorcycles to make them LOUD.

The Seattle Police department still receives weekly request to reopen the investigation surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain.

The patron saint of the Chicago Police Department is also the patron saint of lost causes.

After the 1992 L.A. riots subsided, there were significant consequences in the police department & city governance in Los Angeles: increased hiring of minority officers, analysis of excessive force, resignation of the police chief, and loss of support for the Mayor.

Henrik Ismarker, a man who was tired of speeders on his road, tweeted the local police department about the issue. The next day, Ismarker was pulled over and ticketed for speeding on the same road.

To Protect and Serve" is not an official motto of all American police departments. The slogan was created by the LAPD, and became widely used thanks to films and TV episodes written in LA.

The Justice Department now has oversight of Newark's police force after a three-year investigation found that 75% of all pedestrian stops there "had no constitutional basis".

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