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In Ancient Rome, flaming war pigs were used to counter war elephants. The siege of Megara in 266 BC was broken when Megarians doused pigs in pitch, set them alight and drove them towards the enemy's massed war elephants. The elephants bolted in terror, killing a large number of soldiers.

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The U.S. National Defense Strategy is to be able to defeat a China-like adversary, have enough conventional forces to deter a Russia-like adversary, to carry out counter-terrorism operations worldwide, and to have forces left over for homeland defense against yet another adversary simultaneously

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  1. The individual who had written a revolutionary constitution went into hiding once the Reign of Terror began. His name was Nicolas de Condorcet and once the people sheltering the counter-revolutionaries began to be executed he left his hiding place. He was recognized as an aristocrat and arrested when he ordered an omelette as only an aristocrat would. He killed himself in jail before they could send him to the guillotine.

  2. Indonesia named its elite counter-terrorism unit "Detachment 88," because a senior Indonesian police official misheard an American in a briefing, and no one felt comfortable telling the official that the American said "ATA," not "88."

  3. Iceland's counter-terrorism unit is known as "Víkingasveitin" or "The Viking Squad."

  4. Most insurance companies do not cover act of terrorism or acts of counter terrorism, and/or nuclear accidents or attacks, and/or acts of war.

  5. The Man who Knew - John O'Neill former counter terrorism expert for the FBI began working at WTC 2 weeks before 9/11

  6. Qatari Terror Balancing Act: Supporting Counter-Terrorism Even While Housing Terrorist

  7. The NYPD has counter-terrorism 'branches' in 11 cities internationally, including Paris, Madrid, London, Lyons, Hamburg, Toronto, and Tel Aviv

  8. The FBI receives $3 billion per year for counter terrorism but focuses significant resources on using informants and sting operations to entrap would-be Islamic terrorists.

  9. Excluding 9/11, the total number of deaths in the US since 1972 due to Islamic terrorism is 116, while the US spends $16.6 billion (pew research) on counter terrorism annually.

  10. Iceland's elite counter terrorism force is known as the Víkingasveiten, or the Viking Squad.

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