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María Santos Gorrostieta Salazar, the mayor of Tiquicheo Mexico, survived three assassination attempts and despite her wounds refused to resign. In 2011 her term as mayor ended and her police protection was withdrawn. In November 2012 she was abducted, stabbed and brutally beaten to death.

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In 1995 a plain clothes Boston Police officer was brutally beaten by his fellow officers after they mistook him for a fleeing suspect. BPD officers tried to intimidate and harass him into staying quiet afterwards.

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  1. A group of around 200 women brutally murdered a serial rapist in front of an courthouse while he was under police protection in India. Later every woman claimed responsibility for the murder.

  2. The only reigning Empress of China was the wife of two different Emperors, who eventually usurped the throne and ruled through brutal use of murder, betrayal, and secret police forces.

  3. In 1989 five teenagers were convicted of crimes related to a brutal rape when all 5 confessed after questionable police interrogation and served long prison sentences, only to be exonerated in 2002 when the real rapist confessed and DNA evidence confirmed.

  4. As segregation laws became common, African Americans were not treated equal. They were often treated with police brutality, and endured economic hardships because they were denied access to social programs, housing, and even jobs (which were given to whites).

  5. African-American civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer was brutally beaten on the orders of police in Mississippi for standing up against racial segregation.

  6. Under the Marcos regime of the Philippines, the son of a political journalist was tortured brutally and dropped from a helicopter to his death. Police investigatiors determined he had died from fraternity hazing and accused fraternity members were sentenced to death.

  7. 13th documentary summary

    The film want to show that 25% or one in every four incarcerated people in the world is US prisoner. It is quite staggering while having in mind that the U.S. has just 5% of the world's population.

    It is the most trending documentary about police brutality in America and can be watched on Netflix.

  8. Who made 13th documentary?
    It is a cooperation between DuVernay’s and Netflix. Ava DuVernay shows a reality of systemic racism, police brutality and the broken US justice system.

    Following the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police officers it has become a top watched title.

  9. Inmates in the Attica riots of '71 were apparently beaten and brutalized by guards and police during and after the retaking of the prison

  10. Criminal felon defendants claim "police brutality" while they have cocai...

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There was a banned version in the US of MJ song " they don't really care about us" where he vividly shows police brutality

How others countries react when they see Police brutality. - source

You are 586% more likely to be a victim of police brutality - source

About John Lang, a man brutally murdered by Fresno Police

The Battle of Athens which was a rebellion led by citizens in Athens, Tennessee against the local government in August 1946. The citizens, including some World War II veterans, accused the local officials of predatory policing, police brutality, political corruption & voter intimidation. - source

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26 Years Ago Los Angeles Experienced A 3 Day Riot Over Police Brutality That Cost Over $1 Billion Dollars

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A man named Kelly Thomas was brutally murdered after being told by police that he was about to get "fucked up" and the police were acquitted

In 2000 Clearwater FL police officers were paid by Scientology to be private police security. Brutal harassment of peaceful protesters ensued

In 1992 the nypd (police) rioted and rushed the mayor's office for suggesting that there be an independent civilian board to investigate police brutality.

The UN Condemns U.S. Police Brutality, and confirms persistent racial discrimination against African-Americans and other minorities

In 2012, police bashed a chef in surfers paradise and the police officer who leaked the brutality footage for justice, is facing seven years in jail.

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Hard-core supporters of Besiktas JK - one Istanbul's major pro football (soccer) clubs - have a long history of principled activism, and have recently braved police brutality and arrests to stand in defiance of PM Erdogan's growing despotism

A Baltimore cop was harassed as a "rat" after trying to report a case of police brutality

The brutal interrogation tactics (known as the Reid Method) used to elicit confessions from Branden Dassey (Making a Murderer), Karen Boes (The Confession Tapes), and many other false confessors, is standard protocol for U.S. police forces.

In 1997 the New York Police Department assaulted, brutalized and forcibly sodomized a man with a broken-off broom handle in the bathroom of the 70th Precinct.

If you're scared of police brutality or harsh laws this etext can help you.

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We are not allowed to submit posts in R/todayilearned about police misconduct nor are we allowed to post videos of police brutality in R/videos.

The 'BTK' Serial Killer taunted police regularly decades after brutal murders. In one letter he asked if floppy disks could be traced, and police responded that they were untraceable. BTK's next package included a disk where police found metadata in a deleted file that led to his arrest.

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