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A U.S. Senate bill passed in 2011 specifically to extend the term of Robert Mueller as FBI director beyond the usual 10 years. It passed 100-0.

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While being the head of the FBI in the 2000s, James Clapper and Robert S. Mueller III lied to congress about the illegal warrantless wiretapping taking place in the country. No one got into any trouble for it and the surveillance of Americans is still happening today.

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  1. Former senator and Secretary of State John Kerry attended high school with Robert Mueller, and they played on the hockey team together.

  2. Robert Mueller received a Purple Heart as a Marine Commander of a rifle platoon during the Vietnam War

  3. When Robert Mueller took over the FBI in 2001, the department's computer system was so antiquated that it had no access to the internet and no digital search capabilities.

  4. Robert Mueller is a decorated Marine Corps captain who served during Vietnam. He went through Marine Officer Candidate School, Army Jump School, and Army Ranger School.

  5. Robert Mueller was appointed FBI director one week before the 9/11 terror attacks.

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