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Wyatt Earp was the last surviving participant of the OK Corral shootout, dying in 1929, aged 80. He'd held many jobs throughout his career, one of which was as an enforcer at a brothel. In his later years, he’d consulted on Hollywood westerns and gotten to known various actors and directors.

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During the North Hollywood Shootout, Emil Mătăsăreanu was shot over 20 times, and after being captured, insulted and goaded at the SWAT team that took him down until he died of blood loss and trauma.

What was the north hollywood shootout?

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  1. The police officers that responded to the North Hollywood Shootout had to acquire AR-15's from a nearby gun store to fight the robbers, which later brought up the subject that police needed to be better equipped.

  2. The North Hollywood Shootout where two heavily armored bank robbers had a shootout with LAPD. They injured 20 people and fired almost 2000 rounds of ammunition.

  3. The North Hollywood shootout was not the first time law enforcement was outgunned by bank robbers. Norco, Ca 1982.

  4. How the infamous North Hollywood shootout unfolded 20 years ago; the first armed robbers to use amour piercing rounds

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What year was the hollywood shootout?

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