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David Goggins, the only member in the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training, Ranger School and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training. Goggins retired from active duty as a Chief Petty Officer in 2016. He's also an ultra-athlete and held the world record for most pull-ups in 24hrs.

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In 2010, Ghana doubled police salaries, in part to reduce petty corruption on its highways. However, researchers found that police officers actually demanded larger bribes after the salary increase, despite allowing more trucks to pass without taking bribes.

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  1. Kiska was man by a ten man Naval weather station. Two sailors were killed in the raid and the chief petty officer, William House, escaped and lived in the hills for fifty days before surrendering. All of the sailors were sent to a P.O.W. camp.

  2. Art Afron, a former Navy Petty Officer, Became interested in drag racing upon discharge. Afron proceeded to buy a G.E. afterburning jet engine from a scrap dealer for $600. He refurbished it himself, and set several land speed records in 1964/1965

  3. J.D. Bridges, a Navy petty officer who was nearly sucked into a jet engine. His helmet jammed the engine before he would have been killed.

  4. Police officers can’t arrest for petty theft. I had my phone stolen and they only gave the thief a citation - I didn’t even get my phone back.

  5. After setting a world record for the mile and 1.5 mile run, Petty Officer 3rd Class Jay Legasse of the US Navy was discharged for failing the push up portion of of the fitness exam.

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