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In 1965 when Viola Liuzzo, a woman from Detroit who came to Selma, Alabama to march with MLK Jr. in protest of voting discrimination, was killed by 4 members of the KKK and one of them was an FBI informant named Gary Rowe. The FBI spread lies about Viola in order to make them look better.

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Alabama governor George Wallace, who was a staunch segregationist, finally back downed once the ruling was made. There was no anti-marcher violence during the third march.

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  1. On March 17 a federal judge ruled that the state of Alabama could no longer interfere with the march, which gave President Johnson the legal power to protect it with federal officers and guardsmen.

  2. When Dr. Martin Luther King led the Selma, Alabama protest march, one of the participant was Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. When Rabbi Heschel returned from Selma, he was asked by someone, ‘Did you find much time to pray, when you were in Selma?’ Rabbi Heschel responded, ‘I prayed with my feet.’

  3. William Rufus King, former Vice President of the United States and suspected gay lover of President James Buchanan, co-founded and named the city of Selma, Alabama

  4. During one of the Selma to Alabama marches, organizers responded to news of a plot to assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr. by surrounding him with marchers who resembled him in size and outfit, banking on white people being unable to tell black people apart.

  5. The last American survivor of the Atlantic slave trade, Redoshi (Sally Smith), died in 1937. She was 12 when she was kidnapped from her home in Benin, sold as a slave, and forced into marriage with another captive. She lived most of her life in Bogue Chitto, Alabama, twenty miles outside Selma.

  6. On this day in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson sends federal troops to Alabama to supervise a planned civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery.

  7. The Edmund Pettus bridge, site of the beginning of landmark civil rights march in Selma, was named after the leader of Alabama's Klu Klux Klan

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