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A small lake in Africa killed 1,700 villagers and 3,500 livestock overnight when it suddenly released 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide, suffocating everything within 16 miles. Scientists still don't know what triggered the event.

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A Swiss company called Climeworks has a machine that can remove carbon dioxide from the air, and they aren't the only company doing so. Theoretically enough of these machines could reduce the CO2 ppm to pre industrial revolution levels.

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  1. 'elysis', a new smelting process for aluminum that releases oxygen instead of carbon dioxide. This new production process both cuts operating costs by 15% and increases production by 15%. Apple has invested $11 million in the venture behind it and is offering technical support.

  2. Mosquitoes prefer O-type blood, people with high body heat, pregnant women and heavy breathers. Many of these reasons are because mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide (CO2) from up to 100 feet away. Which is a reason why they circulate around our heads where we exhale CO2.

  3. When we burn fat, the 'lost weight' is exhaled as carbon dioxide and water.

  4. Astronauts must have good airflow around them when they sleep, otherwise, they could wake up oxygen-deprived and gasping for air because a bubble of their own exhaled carbon dioxide had formed around their heads.

  5. Astronauts have to sleep near a ventilator fan or they risk suffocating in a bubble of their own exhaled carbon dioxide

  6. The Romans had a sacrificial "door to the underworld" in modern day Turkey where animals would appear to mystically drop dead. The eunuch priests that brought them there were left unscathed because they stood above the lethal cloud of carbon dioxide gas.

  7. If we lose 10kg (22lbs) of fat, 8.4kg (18.5lbs) turns into carbon dioxide which is exhaled when we breathe, while 1.6kg (3.5lbs) turns to water that is excreted through urine, tears, sweat

  8. Water tastes stale when left out overnight because it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air

  9. When recycled glass is used to manufacture new glass containers, it is virtually infinitely recyclable. Furthermore, every metric ton (1,000 kg) of glass recycled into new glass items saves 315 kg (694 lb) of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

  10. In weight loss, ~84 percent of the fat that is lost turns into carbon dioxide and leaves the body through the lungs

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carbon dioxide fact data chart about Carbon Dioxide Concentration By Decade
Carbon Dioxide Concentration By Decade

carbon dioxide fact data chart about China's Carbon Dioxide Emissions Exceeds US and EU Combined
China's Carbon Dioxide Emissions Exceeds US and EU Combined

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The Earth's oceans absorb 25% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released into the atmosphere every year. However, because of the increasing amounts of CO2 into the world's atmosphere, the world's oceans are slowly turning acidic.

The fizzy sensation on your tongue from carbonated drinks is not caused by the tiny bubbles popping; the fizz is our actual taste of carbon dioxide. - source

Lake Kivu is one of three lakes that undergoes limnic eruptions. These sudden releases of carbon dioxide kill every human and animal around the lake. It is estimated that the lake erupts about once every thousand years. Currently, about two million people live on the shores of Lake Kivu. - source

When you lose weight, your fat turns into carbon dioxide and water - your fat is literally vaporised and exhaled away from the body.

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Almost all the weight thats removed when you lose weight exits out your nose as carbon dioxide in your breath

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When people lose weight, they lose about 80% of it in the form of exhaling carbon dioxide, not from sweat or mass converted to energy/heat

Sea otters are one of the only natural predators of sea urchins which makes them a keystone species in helping to maintain the balance of kelp ecosystems. Because they help maintain the kelp ecosystem, they are indirectly helping to reduce levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Weight loss occurs because most of it is breathed out. As you burn calories, the fat/carbs break down to carbon dioxide (80%) and water (20%). Similar to a car losing gasoline via the exhaust pipe.

Livestock and their byproducts actually account for at least 32.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, or 51 percent of annual worldwide GHG emissions.

Bales of Hay can spontaneously combust due to moisture. The excess moisture leads to increased microbial activity and plant respiration. Both of these processes in the presence of oxygen causes production of carbon dioxide, water and extreme amounts of heat, which lead to fires.

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carbon dioxide fact infographic about Top 15 Countries by Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions in 2018:

Top 15 Countries by Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions in 2018: by Emissions & Emissions to GDP Ratio

carbon dioxide fact infographic about Temperature deviation change since 1750 and corresponding at

Temperature deviation change since 1750 and corresponding atmospheric carbon dioxide changes

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It isn't a lack of Oxygen that causes mammals to breath, but a build up of Carbon Dioxide.

Every breath we take today contains 41% more carbon dioxide than it did in 1750

Coordinated power shut off events like Earth Hour, Live Earth, and Planet Aid may actually increase carbon dioxide consumption as power companies struggle to cope with fluctuating electricity usage

Poor ventilation in your bedroom can result in increased carbon dioxide, much higher than standard safety levels. This is associated with poor sleep quality, headaches, and decline in cognitive performance the next day.

The 1986 Lake Nyos disaster which belched out trapped Carbon Dioxide from its bottom in effervescence suffocating every living animal within a 16 mile radius incl. 1700 villagers and 3500 livestock. The blue lake turned deep red from oxidization and water levels dropped by a meter.

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Your body can’t actually detect oxygen. When you hold you breath and feel the need to breathe, that is your body trying to get rid of carbon dioxide. (4:05 in video)

Our urge to breath isn't because of our need for oxygen, But our body wanting to get rid of carbon dioxide.

The urge to breathe doesn’t come from lack of oxygen, but from increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream.

Scientists have discovered nutrients from melting icebergs boost phytoplankton growth which in turn helps to store atmospheric carbon dioxide

Mosquitos are attracted most to old sweat(lactic acid), blood type O, carbon dioxide(the air we exhale), and certain types of bacteria - which is why certain people are bitten more than others.

Levels of carbon dioxide common in offices and classrooms can decrease cognitive function by 15-50%

The Rosetta spacecraft, while studying comet 67P, discovered electrons cause the rapid breakup of water and carbon dioxide molecules erupting from the surface, not photons (light) as previously thought.

Most of the world’s oxygen comes from the ocean. About 70% of Earth’s oxygen is produced by phytoplankton, which also removes most of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Holding your breath too long hurts not because you are oxygen deprived, but because too much carbon dioxide has built up in your blood.

There is a rare type of natural disaster called a Limnic Eruption where large amounts of carbon dioxide are released that suffocates all nearby animals. The worst occurrence killed 1,700 people.

There are exploding lakes. Lake Nyos in Cambodia exploded in 1986 after being saturated with carbon dioxide from the volcanic vent below it. The resulting CO2 cloud suffocated 1700 people.

The carbon dioxide in a crowded room can make you dumber

Not only does it snow on Mars in the form of Carbon Dioxide, but the snowflakes are only about the size of a human red blood cell. To a human observer the snow would look more like fog.

Texas is #1 in toxic chemicals released into water, carcinogens released into air, carbon dioxide emissions, hazardous waste, #2 in overall birth rate, #50 in % with high school diploma, population insured, women receiving prenatal care in first trimester

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