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After his friend's eyes froze over from removing fogged goggles during a test flight, John Macready began working with Bausch & Lomb to create goggles better suited for flights into the upper atmosphere. Using his original shape, tint and fit, the design would become the Ray-Ban Aviators.

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The Earth is surrounded by a bubble of bacteria residing in the upper atmosphere

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  1. On average 2-3 times/month, an explosion larger than 100 Tons of TNT is detected in the upper atmosphere from meteors burning up on entry. About every two years or so, such a meteor explosion releases more energy than the Hiroshima bomb.

  2. The majority of asteroids that are on a collision course with earth are destroyed when they reach the upper atmosphere.

  3. Observational astronomy is further divided into radio astronomy (study of radiation with wavelengths of 1 millimeter or more), infrared astronomy (detection and analysis of infrared radiation), optical astronomy (images drawn by hand), ultraviolet astronomy (observation of ultraviolet wavelengths from the upper atmosphere or from space), X-ray astronomy (use of X-ray wavelength to study objects in space), and gamma-ray astronomy (study of space objects at shortest wavelengths).

  4. An allotrope of oxygen is ozone (O3), which forms the upper atmospheric ozone layer and absorbs UV radiation from the sun.

  5. He was the founder of Pakistan's space program and on September 16, 1961 the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission was established.

  6. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest in the Solar System, following Jupiter. This gas giant has an average radius about nine times the Earth. It has a pale-yellow hue due to ammonia crystals in its upper atmosphere. Saturn is known to have sixty-two moons with Titan being the largest.

  7. In 1936 he published "The Passage of Fast Electrons and the Theory of Cosmic Showers," which described how primary cosmic rays interact with the upper atmosphere to produce particles observable at ground level.

  8. A little known female scientist in Soviet Georgia, while working at an astronomical observatory, discovered it was possible to predict earthquakes by examining changes in the upper atmosphere.

  9. The largest recorded fire in North American history produced massive amounts of smoke that was mostly in the upper atmosphere and could not be smelled. Since news of the fire was also sparse, many thought the dark sky was a result of nuclear armageddon, supernatural forces, or alien invasion.

  10. THEMIS--Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms--satellites "found evidence of magnetic ropes connecting Earth's upper atmosphere directly to the sun." Scientists believe "solar wind particles flow...along" the ropes giving "energy for geomagnetic storms and auroras."

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An explosion on a neutron star, which is only 12 miles in diameter, slammed Earth with X-rays in 2004, partially ionized the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and it made the Earth’s magnetic field ring like a bell. This star is 50,000 light years away, half way across the galaxy!

They discovered that the chlorine in CFCs destroys ozone in the upper atmosphere.

It can snow when the temperature outside is above freezing if the upper atmosphere is at or below freezing, and an evaporative cooling effect surrounding the snowflakes protects them from melting as they fall through warmer air to the ground. - source

Temperatures are cooler at higher elevation because air molecules cool when they move from high to low pressure environments. Just as air feels cool when it is let out of an inflated tire, the air molecules cool once they reach the low pressure environments of the upper atmosphere.

The myth that Europe is warmer than Canada despite being at the same latitude because it gets its heat from the Gulf Stream is false. Europe gets very little of its heat from the gulf stream directly and gets the majority of its heat from massive upper atmospheric currents. - source

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About Upper Atmospheric Lightning - lightning that can occur as much as 90kms higher than lightning that would strike the ground

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There are Night Clouds that exist 76 to 85km in upper atmosphere and reflect sunlight even in night.

Thunder can travel further on a cold day than a warm day, due to temperature differences in hot air deflecting sound waves toward the upper atmosphere.

A balloonist named Jean-Pierre Blanchard launched from Paris in 1785 with American John Jeffries to cross the English Channel in an attempt to measure the upper atmosphere for the first time but a near crash caused Jeffries to throw his equipment overboard. The mission was scrapped.

Because helium is so light it will reach the upper layers of the atmosphere and then be pushed away from the earth forever from solar wind, and we may completely run out of helium within a few decades.

The sky is blue because the dust particles in the upper atmosphere are smaller than 1/10th of a micron.

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When a meteor enters the Earth's upper atmosphere it excites the air molecules, producing a streak of light and leaving a trail of ionization behind it tens of kilometers long. This ionized trail may persist for less than 1 second up to several minutes. You can listen live!

In September 2013, British molecular biologist Milton Wainwright flew a high-altitude balloon over England and found algae in the upper atmosphere.

Project Mogul (1947-1949) which used microphones attached to high altitude balloons to detect Soviet atomic bomb tests using a sound channel in the upper atmosphere.

In 2004, earth was hit by an intense burst of x-rays from 50,000 light years away that compressed the earth's magnetic field and partially ionized the upper atmosphere

The first animals used in flight tests were a duck, sheep, and a rooster testing the effects of the upper atmosphere on living creatures , done in a hot air balloon 1783.

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The Earth could end up like Venus, geologically speaking, because the upper portion of a planet's atmosphere allows light chemical elements such as hydrogen to escape.

Capt. Jean-Luc Picard was named after a family of scientists that explored mariana trench and made the record breaking flight on hot air baloon to the upper atmosphere. their grandson, pilot Bertrand Piccard had just flew a plane around the world without a single drop of fuel.

Scientists are increasingly considering ways we could re-engineering the Earth itself to cool it down. One of these geoengineering ideas is to pump gases into out upper atmosphere, but this could lead to the increase of severe hurricanes.

Lightning can occur in the upper-atmosphere, high above thunderstorms. This recently-discovered type of lightning takes the form of blue jets and/or large red "sprites".

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